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=LOOKUP(2,1/SEARCH(A1:A1000,[STARS.xls]STARS!$W$2),A1:A1000). (as the description field is on a seperate spreadsheet caled "stars" with the description field being in cell W2).


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Re: Search & Lookup. I have tried my best to label the columns but without borders it is a bit hard to read. The 3 columns at the end are my formula columns and the headers e.g. Matches Column A & D...


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Search Lookup query. Hello Everyone, Please refer to the sample spreadsheet below and let me know your suggestions. Re: Search Lookup query. Just extend A$A$3:$A$28 to $A$3:$A$200000 that...


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You have not entered a value to search. Email [email protected] if you want a new site searched against.


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Search/Lookup. I am trying to implement a following feature in my excel spreadsheet and need help. Re: Search/Lookup. I have not yet tried the formula but are you all guys genious here?


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