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cycling - How to switch between windows quickly? - Emacs Stack...
You can switch between visible windows and frames. It's in MELPA, you can install it quickly. besides, I display the window number at the mode line in PINK color, underlined. It had a neat way to switch between visible windows. M-arrow would move the cursor into the window directly in line...


How to mark current line and move cursor to next line? - Emacs...
How do I mark the current line and then move the cursor to the beginning of the next line? With that functionality, hitting C-l once will select only the current line. But hitting C-l consecutive times will Shift Selection Mode. If the cursor is at the beginning of a line: C-S-n or in another notation C-N. If not...


motion - Emacs point(cursor) movement lag - Emacs Stack Exchange
motion - Emacs point(cursor) movement lag - Emacs Stack Exchange


Moving Point - GNU Emacs Manual
Emacs also provides a variety of additional keyboard commands that move point in more sophisticated ways. Without moving the text on the screen, reposition point on the left margin of the center-most text line of the window; on subsequent consecutive invocations, move point to the left margin of the...


Frame Commands - GNU Emacs Manual
Toggle full-screen mode for the current frame. (The difference between full-screen and maximized is normally that the former hides window manager decorations However, it will refuse to delete the last frame in an Emacs session, to prevent you from losing the ability to interact with the Emacs session.


Cursor Display - GNU Emacs Manual
Some terminals offer two different cursors: a visible static cursor, and a very visible blinking cursor. By default, Emacs uses the very visible cursor, and switches to it when you (The other attributes of this face have no effect; the text shown under the cursor is drawn using the frame's background color.)


move cursor to the middle of the screen in emacs - Stack Overflow
In vim you have the keys which move the cursor and not the page. H -- move to top of screen. You can do this with move-to-window-line-top-bottom (bound to M-r). See (info "(emacs) Moving point") for more …and the mandatory comment: you can do the same if you use evil-mode, the vim layer.


elisp - Move cursor to the given point value in emacs - Stack Overflow
Short story: Given a position value in the buffer say, 12345, how to take the cursor to the position directly Long story: when i debug my emacs initial boot The fact, no line numbers are printed & only the position value is there makes my navigation tough. any clues, to make my cursor to jump to the...


Emacs: How do i move the cursor directly to... - Stack Overflow
Let Emacs move the cursor off-screen. 1. How to test for a syntax condition without moving the cursor? 0. How to move cursor diagonally in Real mode flat model. Why does the speed of sound decrease at high altitudes although the air density decreases? Bit one of the Intel 8080's Flags register.


Emacs: Move Cursor by Text Block
But in html-mode, it moves by some weird way. (copy source code of this page then paste in emacs, turn on html-mode and try to move by paragraph.) (defun xah-forward-block (&optional n) "Move cursor beginning of next text block. A text block is separated by blank lines.