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datetime - How can I insert current date and... - Stack Overflow
What commands in Emacs can I use to insert into the text buffer of a file the current date and time? (For example, the equivalent in Notepad is simply pressing F5 which is about the only useful feature for Notepad!)


How to insert current time in the emacs org-mode
The M-x org-time-stamp only inserts the date without time to the current cursor. If you can install YASnippet for emacs, it also have the shortcut to insert current date and time. These two options are very powerful tools, not for just insert date and time.


How to insert schedule with date and time in Emacs org-mode
When I insert a schedule with C-c C-s in Emacs org-mode, it always Now I do this manually: firstly insert a schedule, then delete the date, then insert a timestamp with date and time Function org-schedule doesn't support time substring in time-stamp, date only.


Creating timestamps - The Org Manual
C-c . (org-time-stamp). Prompt for a date and insert a corresponding timestamp. When the cursor is at an existing timestamp in the buffer, the command is used to modify this timestamp instead of inserting a new Access the Emacs calendar for the current date.


Time Stamps - GNU Emacs Manual
The time stamp must be in the first eight lines of the file, and you should insert it like this When you save the file, this function then automatically updates the time stamp with the current date and time.


[emacs-wiki-discuss] Date stamps in notes?
Paul Lussier. Subject: [emacs-wiki-discuss] Date stamps in notes? Previous by thread: [emacs-wiki-discuss] How to insert a link to jpg, not the image file.


EmacsWiki: Inserting Todays Date | Using the Emacs Calendar
Using the Emacs Calendar. CalendarMode can determine the proper date format for your locale, therefore a command can be written for inserting today’s date. This method gives you the most control over the language and format.


EmacsWiki: Insert Date
(defun insert-standard-date () "Inserts standard date time string." (interactive) (insert (format-time-string "%c"))). I have something like this bound to a keystroke, so with just a tap-tap, I can insert a timestamp into any document I am editing.


emacs automatically insert date last edited - Super User
emacs automatically insert date last edited - Super User


text editors - How to insert date/time stamp in... - Super User
Does anyone know if there is a hotkey in PSPad to insert a time stamp in this format Edit | Date/Time Dialog, change it, be sure to click "Replace". then ALT-D.