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Calendar/Diary - GNU Emacs Manual
Emacs provides the functions of a desk calendar, with a diary of planned or past events. This displays a three-month calendar centered on the current month, with point on the current date.


Calendar Systems - GNU Emacs Manual
The Emacs calendar program uses the Hebrew calendar to determine the dates of Jewish holidays. Hebrew calendar dates begin and end at sunset.


Calendar Motion - GNU Emacs Manual
Calendar mode provides commands to move through the calendar in logical units of time such as days, weeks If you move outside the three months originally displayed, the calendar display scrolls...


EmacsWiki: Calendar Localization
(setq calendar-week-start-day 1 ;; calendar-day-name-array ["diumenge" "dilluns" Add following call somewhere in your init file. Note that this must be called before Emacs calendar is loaded.


EmacsWiki: Calendar Mode
calendar-print-ethiopic-date p k calendar-print-coptic-date p C calendar-print-chinese-date p d Calendar arithmetic and motion: ‘C-SPC’ followed by `M-=’. Count the number of days in region...


EmacsWiki: calendar+.el
calendar-basic-setup' - ;; 1) `list-calendar-holidays' is now called by `calendar' on the ;; 3-month Put (require 'cal-opts.el) in your ;; `~/.emacs' file if you like most of what is there, then modify what ;; you...


How to use the calendar - Emacs Stack Exchange
How to use the calendar - Emacs Stack Exchange


Newest 'calendar' Questions - Emacs Stack Exchange
is for the desk calendar in Emacs, which also provides a diary for events that can be used for managing projects and appointments. ` M-x calendar` displays an interactive calendar for picking...


How to retrieve the date under the cursor in emacs calendar as the...
Emacs Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those using, extending or developing Emacs. You can change the format with the customization option calendar-copy-as-kill-format.


Emacs calendar: show more than 3 months? - Stack Overflow
In Emacs, when you display the calendar with M-x calendar, you get a three-month display – last month, this month, and next month – in a new window that's just 8 lines tall.