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Assonance - Examples and Definition of Assonance
Assonance takes place when two or more words, close to one another repeat the same vowel sound, but start with different consonant sounds. For instance, in the following sentence


Consonance - Examples and Definition of Consonance
The literary device of consonance is inherently different from assonance, which involves the repetition of similar vowel sounds within a word, sentence, or phrase. Another distinction to be appreciated is...


assonance Archives - Literary Devices
Tag: assonance. Hamlet Act-I, Scene-I Study Guide. Plot Overview In the first scene of Hamlet, Barnardo, a guard, comes to relieve Francisco, who is his colleague.


Assonance - Wikipedia
Assonance - Wikipedia


Literary consonance - Wikipedia
Literary consonance - Wikipedia


Consonance and dissonance - Wikipedia
Consonance and dissonance - Wikipedia


Assonance Examples
Assonance examples can give you some insight into how to use assonance as a literary tool. Setting the Mood with Assonance. In this example by Carl Sandburg, in Early Moon, the long "o"...


Assonance dictionary definition | assonance defined
assonance definition: Assonance is defined as the act of repeating a vowel sound in a phrase or sentence, often in poetry. (noun) An example of assonance in a sentence would be the repeated use...


Use assonance in a sentence | assonance sentence examples
How to use assonance in a sentence. Example sentences with the word assonance. assonance example sentences.


Assonance - definition of assonance by The Free Dictionary
Define assonance. assonance synonyms, assonance pronunciation, assonance translation, English dictionary definition of assonance. n. 1. Resemblance of sound, especially of the vowel sounds in...