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ZEISS Warranty Policy
ZEISS Warranty Policy. ZEISS warrants for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase This Warranty is void, if damage is caused by the use of accessories not sold or authorized by ZEISS...


Zeiss digital lens
1 SELECT LENS ZEISS Digital Lens is fitted like a progressive lens. ZEISS Digital Lens is available in 4 add powers, ranging from +0.50D to +1.25D. The appropriate add power should be determined by a...


Carl Zeiss - A History Of A Most Respected Name In Optics.
Carl Friedrich Zeiss (b. 11 September 1816 in Weimar - d. 3 December 1888 in Jena) grew up apprenticed in the shop of Dr. Friedrich Körner, becoming well familiar with the operation of fine tools...


Zeiss Individual™ single vision lenses are fully optically optimized for the lens aligned in the actual position of wear and personalized for the patients’ unique combination of frame size, shape and fit.


Zeiss Progressive Individual Wrap. Material. Zeiss Progressive Individual 2 is suitable for pantoscopic tilt up to 30°. • If no pantoscopic tilt is specified in the lens order an average value of 9°...


Zeiss IndividualTM SV. Delivers Edge-to-Edge Clarity. • Up to 50% larger clear fields of view* • Uses Rx: +3.00 -2.00 x 135 with Wrap 15º, Panto 15º, Vertex 13mm. Zeiss Individual SV Single Vision Like...


Technical Factsheet ZEISS Progressive Lenses
Made by zeiss. Technical Factsheet ZEISS Progressive Lenses. Availability Range Clear Tinted PhotoFusion Transitions Polarised. Organic 1.50 Organic 1.60 Organic 1.67 Organic 1.74.


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edition of ZEISS DENTALETTER. Introduction from the ZEISS Dental Team. Welcome to the 3rd edition of the ZEISS DENTALETTER. As you can see we have been busy supporting the dental...


Carl zeiss meditec inc.
CARL ZEISS MEDITEC INC. MEL 80 Excimer Laser System. This document provides information concerning the intended clinical use of the Carl Zeiss Meditec MEL 80 Excimer Laser System.


Carl zeiss meditec, inc.
Carl zeiss meditec mel 80 excimer laser system. PATIENT INFORMATION BOOKLET Please read this entire booklet. If you have any questions about it, discuss them with your doctor...