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Libmnt of Congress Cntaloging-in-Publication Data. Xenophon. [Memorabilia. English] Xenophon, Memorabilia I translated and annotated by Amy L. Bonnette ; with an introduction by Christopher Bruell.


Xenophon HELLENICA. Translation by H. G. Dakyns. Xenophon the Athenian was born 431 B.C. He was a pupil of Socrates. He marched with the Spartans, and was exiled from Athens.


Xenophon [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Though Xenophon’s Socratic tracts are largely disregarded, Xenophon’s Memorabilia is often referenced as an account of Socrates’ religious Life Writings Xenophon’s Account of Socrates.


Xenophon, Works on Socrates
Xenophon. Xenophon in Seven Volumes, 4. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA; William Heinemann, Ltd., London.


Rouse 18. 3. Xenophon The March up Country. Xenopho
Xenophon. complētes de Thucydide et de Xênophon, avec notices biographiques par J. Paris Xenophon. Xenophontis De Cyri disciplina libri VIII. Curavit Fridericus Augustus Bornemann.


Nick Xenophon
Nick Xenophon. What’s your position on the 75 per cent reach rule and the two out of three rule? My position is that the internet has been a great disrupter, and these rules were established a long time...


Kontakion - Tone 4
Menaion: 26 January. Venerable xenophon, his wife, mary, and their two sons, Arcadius and john, of constantinople (5TH – 6TH C.) Kontakion - Tone 4.


Xenophon’s Hieron and the Psychology of the Tyrant
“Xenophon’s Hiero and the Meeting of the Wise Man and Tyrant in Greek. Literature.” CQ 36: 115-23. Sevieri, R. 2004. “The Imperfect Hero: Xenophon’s Hiero as the (Self-)Taming of a Tyrant.”


The Singular Function Boundary
The Singular Function Boundary


Saint XenoPhon and Those With Him January 26 Apolytiki
Saint XenoPhon and Those With Him. January 26.