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Xena Networks
Xena Networks. Global price-performance leaders in gigabit ethernet test companies develop in-house test equipment. Xena’s solution. • Advanced reliable L2-7 solutions...


The UCSC Xena Platform for cancer genomics data
UCSC Xena is a web-based visual integration and exploration tool for multi-omic data and associated clinical and phenotypic annotations. The investigator-driven platform consists of a web-based Xena...


Xena Networks
XENA NETWORKS. A complete range of reliable, easy-to-use solutions. • Xena was founded 10 years ago (2007) • Offices in USA, Europe, India & China • Over 400 customers worldwide including...


XenaScale | Xena Networks
Xena also offers an open scripting API (XenaScripting) for automating testing from any scripting XenaScale can be easily upgraded for greater performance thanks to Xena’s exible licensing model...


XenaAppliance | Xena Networks
• Xena L2-3 test applications (Xena2544, Xena2889, Xena1564 and Xena3918) also included free of charge. • XenaScripting – automated Command Line Interface (CLI) scripting from any scripting tool...


Xena Networks
Xena Networks. ”2011 Global Price Performance Value Leader in Gigabit Ethernet Testing” Red Herring Global Top 100. Frost & Sullivan and Red Herring. ©Xena Networks, June 2012.


XenaWeb | Web-based access to Xena applications
This lets you quickly access all of Xena’s test applications from any popular OS (Windows, Mac OS • Easy access to Xena’s suite of test applications from any OS (Linux, Microsoft, Apple) via an HTML-5...


XenaScripting, XenaIntegrator, Xena2544, Xena1564 and Xena2889) • Free software updates (3 The 4U unit features 12 slots and accepts Xena’s complete range of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet...


XX Series | www.xena.co.jp
XENA:: Category-leading design + technical excellence = unparalleled security. www.xena.co.jp. XENA Bullett-Lock Alarm™ XPL69, XBL2-35 with XC Chain and XGA Ground Anchor.


XenaAppliance | Xena Networks
• Xena L2-3 test applications (Xena2544, Xena2889, Xena1564 and Xena3918) also included free of charge. Xena Networks. The price/performance leaders in Gigabit Ethernet Test & Measurement.