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Creating Learning Modules
Learning Modules are a method for presenting course materials in a linear fashion, with a table of contents and the ability to control the release of the material one screen at a time. It embraces the idea of “chunking” information, and can contain all types of content, such as text, graphics, multimedia and...


Engineers Code: reusable open learning modules for engineering...
and started writing two additional learning modules to complete a revised second-year course. The Engineers Code learning modules are published as Open Educational Resources (OER): anyone can access, reuse, revise, and redistribute the materials.


New Directions Issue 2 (December 2006)
One of the problems associated with writing distance or open-learning modules is finding the time to produce the material. Fortunately, development project funding was provided through ‘Project Improve’ (whose work is now continued through the Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre)1.


Designing Modules for Learning
Designing Modules for Learning. Roisin Donnelly Technological University Dublin Learning outcomes should be written taking into account level descriptors relevant to the level of study, and if Assessing for Learning Essay exam Assignment; Open Book exam Reflective Journal Assignment.


Microsoft PowerPoint - Writing Learning Objectives FDWeb
Writing Learning Objectives. Faculty Development Program Office of Medical Education. Boston University School of Medicine. A Learning Objective describes a direction for a student acquiring new skills and knowledge. Writing Learning Objectives.


For self-paced learning
Module 8. Writing the Pretest/Posttest. Developing modules for self-paced learning. A Handbook for Teachers. N. ot even ten years after…the CIMC opened its doors, Oklahoma already.


Appendix 1 Writing Module Specifications: A Guide
University of Suffolk. Writing module specifications: a guide. All learning outcomes must be assessed as part of the module and it must be possible to clearly link students' assessed work Solving open-ended problems. interpret apply employ use. demonstrate dramatise practise illustrate.


Open Educational Resources | Earlier writings on OER
Modules accounted for the majority of e-learning activities, reflecting the dominant characteristic of e-learning as supplementary to on-campus delivery • Open sharing will speed up the development of new learning resources, stimulate internal improvement, innovation and reuse and help the institution...


Learning for
Students’ learning strategies. Controlling the learning process. Annex A7: Reliability of the marking of open-ended items. Annex A8: Comparison of results from the PISA 2000 and PISA The concept of literacy used in PISA is much broader than the historical notion of the ability to read and write.


Development of Interactive Online Learning Modules: Lessons from
Keywords: online learning, interactive modules, interactivity. Introduction and Literature Review. Over the last few decades, there has been an Interactive modules refer to online modules whose design and purpose is to actively engage learners to search for and share knowledge, ideas and open...