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You study by distance learning. Each taught module will consist of...
Our MA Creative Writing (Distance Learning) consists of four taught modules plus a Creative Writing Project, a final portfolio of your creative writing. The four modules offer you opportunities to develop your interests – whether these are in prose fiction, poetry, creative life writing...


Distance-Philosophy | Programme module type: Distance Learning
Non-graduating distance-learning students only. Planned timetable: No traditional classes: e-learning module. 'Ethical Issues' provides an accessible No traditional classes: e-learning module. For the purposes of this module, 'modern philosophy' means philosophy written in Europe from Descartes in...


Distance_Learning | Module Co-­‐ordinator
Non-­‐graduating distance-­‐learning students only. Planned timetable: No traditional classes: e-­‐learning module. 'Ethical Issues' provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the philosophical significance of the most pressing moral problems of today, e.g. euthanasia...


distance-12-13-subh - Nov | Distance Learning Modules
Programme module type: Distance Learning. Anti-­‐requisite(s): PY1901, PY1101, PY1103, PY1105. Learning and teaching methods and delivery. For the purposes of this module, 'modern philosophy' means philosophy written in Europe from Descartes in the mid-­‐seventeenth century to Kant at the...


British Journal of Educational Technology
Courses on distance learning theories, instructional design and development, media selection, media attributes, multimedia production, media integration, utilisation and management in distance and open learning may help course writers to write better modules.


Writing problem-based distance learning materials
Just how do you write distance learning materials which adequately accommodate the problem-based learning process, and which acknowledge the As with other distance-learning modules, detailed assignment and marking guidelines were prepared for the problem-based learning coursework.


Distance Learning Module
Distance Learning Module. on. Written Communication In. Government Offices. Shri A. Chakravorty Joint Director, Assam Administrative Staff College This self-learning module is based on the concept of adult learning, wherein you are given the responsibility to learn at your own chosen time...


Non Distance Learning Module
Combating corruption. Quiz. Non Distance Learning Module On. India has now come a long way. India has the largest written constitution and with a Supreme Court to force strict enforcement of the constitutional safeguards provided for the freedom of individuals.


Brahmawong, C. (1988) The Techniques of Writing Distance...
A distance learning (DL) text is designed and written in a modular-format to help home-based students to learn themselves effectively (Brahmawong C.1998). Distance learning courses are organized as a number of linked but discrete modules.


Study design: writing a study proposal (2400)
Distance learning students who wish to study individual modules at LSHTM will be required to pay a fee for the LSHTM module(s). This fee Students cannot register for this module if they have already completed the EPM201 Study Design: Writing a Grant Proposal distance learning module, or wish...