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World Literature | Catalog
World Literature. Dr. Debali Mookerjea-Leonard, Coordinator. Phone: (540) 568-3751 Email The undergraduate minor in world literature provides students with a chance to study literature from...


The Goethean Concept of World Literature and Comparative Literature
World literature thus turns into a great pandemonium in which Cervantes and Rabelais, Dante and Voltaire nod to each other" ("Sie erhebt sich dann als eine Spitzenliteratur mit ihren unsterblichen...


Comparative Literature | World Literature
The Comparative Literature Program regularly offers CMPL 26600, World Literature from the Beginnings to the Presentation of a class project in Tulin Tosun’s World Literature course.


Professor Biography | The History of World Literature
Scope: We begin our study of world literature with the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh. The lecture begins with a brief look at the life of the poem across two millennia in the Middle East.


Puchner Teaching Worldly Literature
Teaching Worldly Literature. I. My approach to world literature has been shaped by two experiences: teaching world literature, mostly but not exclusively in Columbia's great books program...


...Urban Sustainability School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Richard Greenwald, Dean • Africana Studies • Classics English History • Judaic Studies • Modern Languages and Literatures • Philosophy...


How to Read World Literature
Clearly, it takes a world to write a book on world literature. A rst challenge in reading world literature is the fact that the very idea of literature has meant many different things over the centuries...


University of Oregon Goethe's "World Literature" Paradigm and Contemporary Cultural With the globalization of the world economy, a true world literature, which is to say a global literature, is...


Untranslatables: A World System. Emily Apter New Literary History, Volume 39, Number 3 Comparative literature is no more beset than other humanities fields by the constraints imposed by its...


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Goethe and World Literature. Trans. C. A. M. Sym. National literature is now a rather unmeaning term; the epoch of world literature is at hand, and everyone must strive to hasten its approach.