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vocational skills instructions in technical and vocational institutions...
technical and vocational education programme. But, in the teaching of practical skills, there are various teaching methods. to adopt in teaching technical and vocational skills should be that which can motivate the students and sustain their. interest in the course of instruction (Yinusa, 2014).


A comparison of two methods of instruction in office skills
ment of personal-social skills while vocational graduates. emphasized job skills and knowledge. Transition from. It is important to be aware that Cooperative Business Education and Office Practice Program refer to two methods of instruction which are at- the same time similar and dif-ferent.


Vocational skills
Vocational skills development can make an im-portant contribution towards reducing poverty. There-fore, the SDC promotes innovative teaching and learning methods, adapted to the needs of They also receive information on reproduc-tive and sexual health and gain instruction in social...


Vocational | learning methods
Vocational Education and Training, ICT and Languages remain the main priorities of Ministry of Learning methods. Additional resources information. Instructions Instruct peers on processes need to e.g. create table, spreadsheet, insert graphics to a Word document.


Strengthening the education and vocational training, restructuring it according to the requirements of the domestic labour market and wider, adaptation to EU standards and developments as well as increase of the number of students are the priorities of our education system.


State board for community colleges and occupational education
The teachers/ handbook on vocational education for students with special needs contains seven chapters, each one covering a basic area of concern to teachers of such students. Chapter 1 deals with identifying disadvantaged and handicapped students on the basis of easily recognizable characteristics.


A Study of Metacognitive-Strategies-Based Writing Instruction
However, the study of metacognitive strategies-based writing instruction for vocational college To put it simply, metacognitive strategies are skills, approaches, and thinking and actions learners use We informed the students of the nature of writing; the basic writing knowledge and methods; then we...


A Guidebook for Teachers
Quality instruction and the methods used to support student learning are based on the needs of the Community-Based Instruction is a strategy used to promote functional skills in natu-ral tion in vocational, career, and technology training. These include the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education...


Vocational Curriculum – 2012 | II. Skills to be Provided
Skills to be Provided. 1. Illustrate fashion figures skillfully. 2. Design garments which are functional and decorative. Annual scheme of instruction and examination for vocational. Different methods of marking and. laying a fabric and cutting. 6. Characteristics of Well Finished.


Vocational Curriculum – 2012 | III. Skills to be provided
Annual scheme of instruction and examination for vocational. Parent Education Meaning and importance of parent education- Methods of Parent education-Parent teacher meetings. Nutrition for Pre-School Children Need and importance - Nutritional requirements of pre-school children.