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) No. 16-1161. WILLIAM WHITFORD, et al., ) Appellees. 3 And it seems to me that, just as 4 legislatures do that, in order to entrench 5 Are all 5 the techniques that are used by politicians in 6 order to try to maximize their chances of 7 electoral success scientific?




Long-Tailed Classication by Keeping the Good and
Our framework elegantly disentangles the paradoxical effects of the momentum, by pursuing the direct causal effect caused by an input sample. In particular, we use causal intervention in training, and counterfactual reasoning in inference, to remove the “bad”...


Nanoscale Accepted Manuscript
Moreover, the re-. emergence of R phase and in-plane nanoscale multi-domains after heat treatment reveal the. memory effect and reversible phase transition and domain evolution. Our findings demonstrate. the reversible control of R-Mc-T-super T symmetry changes...


Microsoft Word - Santi_paperV8
Cooperative ordering of metal-metal bonds is a common phenomenon at the crossover from localized to itinerant electronic behavior as is 30 K that can be associated with long-range magnetic order, following ref. [26]. Figure 5 shows the effect of pressure on the...


Environmental Law -- Water Pollution Remedies -- Use of...
The noteworthy aspect of Bushey is its extension of Illinois v. City of Milwaukee—in which the Supreme Court declared that a plaintiff state may validly utilize the public nuisance doctrine in a pol-lution action in order to obtain federal district court jurisdiction—to...


The twelve traditions of alcoholics anonymous
8. Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional. We define professionalism as the occupation of counseling alcoholics for fees or hire. But we may employ alcoholics where they are going to perform those services for which we may...


Quantitative Approaches to Policy Evaluation and
Modeling the effects of policies. What should be done to isolate the effect of the treatment from confounding factors? Econometrica 71 (4): 1161–89. · Khandker, S.R., Koolwal, G.B., Samad, H.A. (2010) Handbook on Impact Evaluation:Quantitative Methods...


How is the optimal portfolio affected by: (i) an increase in coefficient b ? (ii) an increase in variance of risky asset? Thus total MC falls at every q. Moreover, as we sell more, the level TMC per efficient unit goes down which strengthens the effect of reduction of MUC.


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