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Alcoholics Anonymous Second Edition
Of alcoholics who came to A.A. and really tried, 50% got sober at once and remained that way; 25% sobered up after some relapses, and among the remainder, those who stayed on with A.A. showed improvement. Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol.


MG-16 - A.A. Guidelines on Accessibility for All Alcoholics
Accessibility challenges apply to all alcoholics who have difficulties par-ticipating in Alcoholics Anonymous, whether those are mental, physical, geographic, cultural, or other factors that vary among people. Some of these alcoholics may experience barriers to accessing the A.A. message, including...


Youth and Alcohol: Laws and Enforcement--Is the 21-Year-Old...
State and local agencieshave dificulty enforcing youth alcohol laws. States are hindered by (1) budget and staff reductions, (2) low priority of youth In response to public health concerns and the adverse health consequences of alcohol abuse, Surgeon General Antonia Novello requested that the Office...


Issues in calculating average effect sizes in meta-analyses
In order to compute standardized effect sizes it is necessary to have sample means (adjusted for covariates, when available) and unadjusted For example, one set of researchers might use a sample to report findings of the effects of childcare for children from poor families, a second set to report the...


One-Shot Segmentation in Clutter
One-Shot Segmentation in Clutter. with many objects (the scene), nd the target in the scene and produce a pixel-wise segmentation (Fig 1A). This instance is always fully visible and not occluded. We specically avoid occlusion of the target instance, so we do not confound the effect of visual...


Low Data Drug Discovery with One-shot
Deep one-shot learning systems17,18 use convolutional layers to encode images into continuous vectors. In the simplest one-shot learning formalism these continuous vectors are then fed into a simple nearest-neighbor classier, that labels new examples by distance-weighted combination of support set...


This paper presents One-Shot Video Object Segmenta
We present One-Shot Video Object Segmentation (OSVOS), based on a fully-convolutional neural network architecture that is able to successively transfer generic semantic infor-mation, learned on ImageNet, to the task of foreground seg-mentation, and nally to learning the appearance of a sin-gle...


Alcohol Alert #72
Research shows that alcohol use and alcohol-related problems are influenced by individual variations in alcohol metabolism, or Differences in alcohol metabolism may put some people at greater risk for alcohol problems, whereas others may be at least somewhat protected from alcohol’s harmful effects.


Microsoft Word - Drugabs.doc
1. First order kinetics A first order process is one by which a constant fraction of the drug present will be absorbed or eliminated in a unit of time. For a drug eliminated by a first order process, a plot of plasma concentration after the last dose as a function of time will give a straight line on semilog paper.


Microsoft PowerPoint - Lecture 11.ppt | Ordered Probit Estimation
„ We first looked at logit and probit estimation in the context of a binary dependent var. „ Then we added the possibility of 3 or more unordered categories ■ Interpretation of β1: increasing x1 by one unit changes the Z-score by β1 units. ■ The impact of this on Prob(Y=1) depends on your starting point.