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MG-16 - A.A. Guidelines on Accessibility for All Alcoholics
Accessibility challenges apply to all alcoholics who have difficulties par-ticipating in Alcoholics Anonymous, whether those are mental, physical, geographic, cultural, or other factors that vary among people. Some of these alcoholics may experience barriers to accessing the A.A. message, including...


The effect of inflation on stock prices: international evidence. Of particular concern to financial economists have been the effects of inflation on corporate profits and stock prices. This paper provides a consistent investigation of these effects for the United States and for a number...


Operational Amplifiers: Chapter 5
In order to increase gain, stages may have to be added, producing signifi­ cant changes in dynamics. Lowering the gain of an amplifying stage may also change dynamics because, for example, of a relationship between the input capacitance and voltage gain of a common-emitter amplifier.


Lecture 18
In order to calculate find EQE we generally use a light source with a known spectrum and power (usually “Solar Simulator” – a light source simulating solar spectrum) we then record IV-characteristics for the solar cell under illumination and compare it to the IV-characteristic without the light.


Youth and Alcohol: Laws and Enforcement--Is the 21-Year-Old...
State and local agencieshave dificulty enforcing youth alcohol laws. States are hindered by (1) budget and staff reductions, (2) low priority of youth In response to public health concerns and the adverse health consequences of alcohol abuse, Surgeon General Antonia Novello requested that the Office...


Youth and Alcohol: Controlling Alcohol Advertising that Appeals to...
Controversy remains, however, over the effects of alcohol advertising. While studies have not Many ads associate alcohol with the exciting activity by interspersing action scenes and shots of the ‘CSPI, “Omnibus Petition for Regulation of Unfair and Deceptive Alcoholic Beverage Advertising and...


Alcoholic lung disease
Alcohol-induced defects in alveolar macrophage function and other compo­ nents of the lung’s innate immune defenses suggest that alcoholics cannot mount an appropriate response to infec In light of the effects of alcohol on alveolar epithelial viability reported above, it is not surprising that chronic...


Behavioral Mechanisms Underlying the Link Between Smoking and...
The behavioral effects of these two drugs differ, and they do not act on the same target sites in the brain In addi-tion, the effects of alcohol and nicotine on stress hormones (which are discussed in the For example, alcoholics attempt-ing to abstain from alcohol most com-monly continue smoking.


Effects of Leakage Inductance on Switching Power Supply Performance
The effects. All products are sold subject to TI’s terms and conditions of sale supplied at the time of order acknowledgment. TI warrants performance of its hardware products to the specifications applicable at the time of sale in accordance with TI’s standard warranty.


A research project was conducted to investigate the effect of a high salt concentration on corrosion from low partial pres-sures of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Breakdown of FeS films may be a result of environmental factors, such as the effect of solids, chlorides, sulfur, high velocity, I among others.