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Exploring Alcohols Effects on Liver Function
Oxygen-related factors that influence alcohol-induced liver damage include the effects of free Much of the direct cell damage that occurs during alcoholic liver disease is believed to be caused by free (For informa-tion on the effects of alcohol on corti-costeroid synthesis and release, see the article by...


Alcohol and Medication Interactions
The effect of lower levels of alcohol consumption on CYP2E1 activity is unknown. Because CYP2E1 also metabolizes several medi-cations, alcoholics, in If the alcoholic drinks alcohol after taking disulfiram, he or she will experience a severe flushing reaction.


Intellectual Capacities of Chronic Alcoholics
Much research has been devoted to the problems of the effect of alcohol upon the mental capacities, but little has been published regarding the application of popular psychological instruments to the problem* The long term chronic alcoholic seams to have eluded the...


Alcoholics Anonymous Second Edition
Of alcoholics who came to A.A. and really tried, 50% got sober at once and remained that way; 25 Then there are types entirely normal in every respect except in the effect alcohol has upon them. 14 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. to establish and maintain the new order of things, were the essential...


Alcoholics and drug addicts hurt those around them by destroying family stability, unity, and security. At its worst, alcoholism/addiction can result in It will certainly affect how well or poorly they function in school. Estimates of how many children of alcoholics (COAs) there are in the United States vary...


Defining and interpreting suppressor eppects
Suppressor Effects 2 Abstract Suppressor effects are considered on of the most elusive and difficult-to-grasp dynamics in the interpretation of statistical data. The present paper explores the three definitions of regression suppressor variables by reviewing existing literature about suppressor...


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Second-Order Factor Analysis: Methods and Interpretation As Gorsuch (1983) noted, one of the common goals of all scientists is to "summarize data so that the empirical relationships can be grasped by the human mind" (p. 2). In this regard, factor analysis is often quite useful.


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The Effects of a Computer-Assisted Teaching Material, Designed According to the ASSURE Instructional Design and the ARCS Model of Motivation, on Students’ Achievement Levels in a Mathematics Lesson and Their Resulting Attitudes.


Alcoholics and drug addicts hurt those around them by destroying family stability, unity, and security. At its worst, alcoholism/addiction can result in loss of income and self-respect, spousal and child abuse, and divorce.


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order model, a possible explanation is warranted. One interpretation of the parameter estimates is that Verbal is a very strong first-order factor, while the Speed and Memory factors are not quite as strong, as evidenced by their lower.