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Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond
Olmes took the blue diamond in his hand and looked at it. 'What a beautiful thing!' he said. 'Look at the wonderful colours in it - dark blues and cold whites. All big jewels make people into thieves and killers...


Blue Diamond, Vall Banc’s contactless card | What are the benefits?
The Blue Diamond card, Vall Banc’s contactless card. Vall Banc’s classic payment cards is called Blue Diamond, with which you can make your purchases in a very practical way in both physical and...


Guide to the Blue Diamond History Committee
Blue Diamond, Nevada was once a small town named Cottonwood Springs. It was turned into a company town by the Blue Diamond Gypsum Company in the 1940s and today exists as an...


Three orchids live in the steaming desert of Las Vegas in Clark County, where temperatures can range from nine degrees to one hundred and nineteen degrees: Epipactis gigantea in many places in Red...


Characterizing Natural-Color Type IIb Blue Diamonds
Of the blue diamonds examined at GIA GTL, few had any solid inclusions. Nevertheless, internal features such as graining and color zoning can make the processing of these diamonds a challenge.


A Crystallographic Analysis of the Tavernier Blue Diamond
While the Tavernier Blue has been established as the “grandparent” of the Hope diamond, the only firsthand historical documentation for it is a 17th century line drawing of questionable accu-racy.


D Iamonds and C olored g emstones
In the four years since the sale of the Wittelsbach Blue diamond, which was immediately renamed The renamed Wittels-bach-Graff diamond was recut to 31.06 ct to make it Fancy Deep blue and...


The Blue Diamond
The Blue Diamond Surgicals was established in the year 1889. We are leading to Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Exporter of Surgical Handpieces, Surgical Laryngoscopes, Surgical Nasal Oxygen...


Last of the blue the streets there dancin spin w
that lucky day. the Blue Diamond Miners. of. Last.


Blue Diamond Mines
Blue Diamond Mines (Jean Ritchie [writing as 'Than Hall]). I remember the ways in the bygone days When we was all in our prime How us and John L. gave the old man hell Down in the Blue Diamond...