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The Blue Diamond
CHAPTER 2. The Blue Diamond. CHAPTER 3. Mr Henry Baker. Here are some of the people in The Blue Diamond. What work do they do? Use a dictionary to help you.


On the pristine Riviera Maya coastline lies the Blue Diamond Hotel by BlueBay. Truly a naturalist’s paradise, this exclusive hideaway is surrounded with lush, tropical jungle and white sandy beaches...


C Haracterizing n atural -c olor | TABLE 1. Notable blue diamonds.a
Of the blue diamonds examined at GIA GTL, few had any solid inclusions. Nevertheless, internal features such as graining and color zoning can make the processing of these diamonds a challenge.


A crystallographic analysis of the tavernier blue...
While the Tavernier Blue has been established as the “grandparent” of the Hope diamond, the only firsthand historical documentation for it is a 17th century line drawing of questionable accu-racy.


D ue to their extreme rarity, blue diamonds
The 35.56 ct Wittelsbach Blue is one of the largest historic blue diamonds ever fashioned. It belonged to the Bavarian House of Wittelsbach and was displayed in the Treasury of the Munich Residence...


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Too good to be true? | All the reliability with extra performance
MaxiBlue® uses the same advanced unique technology as the Blue Diamond® range. With a higher performance the MaxiBlue® is ideally suited for mid range air conditioning systems.


BlueDiamond | The only fit and forget condensate pumps
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A blue thai affair: the blue diamond...
The Blue Diamond Affair, an international jewelry heist, captivated the world’s attention because of its unresolved murders, its implication of law enforcement and public officials from two divergent...


Important blue diamonds of the world
The largest flawless, fancy vivid blue diamond in the world. Sold at Christies Geneva sale in May 2014 to Harry Winston. Cullinan Mine, South Africa Cullinan Mine, South Africa Cullinan Mine, South Africa.