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Designing Learning: From Module Outline to Effective Teaching
New lecturers, part-time teachers and graduate teaching assistants are often required to both deliver an existing course and design their own teaching based on a module description.


Handbook for teachers | Module 3 30
• TKT: Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process. Teaching knowledge is assessed by means of objective-format tests, which are simple to administer and to take.


Teaching knowledge test module 3
Teaching knowledge test module 3. Managing the teaching and learning process. 17 The teacher wrote the topic for the class debate on the board. The first instruction was …


Classroom Activity
TKT Module 1: Types of activities and tasks for language and skills development – Teacher’s Notes. When a teacher or a student looks again at language or skills that have already been taught in order...


Module 14 | Reflective Teaching Diary Questions
Module 14, Reflective Teaching; Introduction, Expanded Narrative–. Good teachers are always learning: learning from students, learning from their own trial and er-ror, learning from peers and...


Module 10 | Approaches to Language Teaching: Extension
Module 10; Alternative Assessment –. Approaches to Language Teaching: Extension For best results, have participants go through the readings for this module prior to viewing the video.


Module 1 | Approaches to Language Teaching: Foundations
Shaping the Way We Teach English Page 11. Module 1: Contextualizing Language If you are not teaching, ask the trainer or another experienced teacher for feedback.Think about how you will...


Learning of english in malaysian polytechnics: an
Using a teaching module to teach the English language as compared to the traditional method of using a textbook is meant to increase active learning and improve critical thinking, as well as problem...


Taught modules. The classes offered during our Summer School draw from the range of programmes available on campus. Each programme is made up of taught modules and cultural visits.


Designing Modules and Programmes
1. Introduction to Programme Modules 2. Module Description 3. Learning Outcomes 4. Teaching and Learning Strategies 5. Content 6. Assessment Strategies 7. Timetable 8. Initial Reading.