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Designing Learning: From Module Outline to Effective Teaching
New lecturers, part-time teachers and graduate teaching assistants are often required to both deliver an existing course and design their own teaching based on a module description.


Module 14 | Reflective Teaching Diary Questions
Module 14, Reflective Teaching; Introduction, Expanded Narrative–. Good teachers are always learning: learning from students, learning from their own trial and er-ror, learning from peers and...


Module 10 | Approaches to Language Teaching: Extension
Module 10; Alternative Assessment –. Approaches to Language Teaching: Extension For best results, have participants go through the readings for this module prior to viewing the video.


Module 1 | Approaches to Language Teaching: Foundations
Shaping the Way We Teach English Page 11. Module 1: Contextualizing Language If you are not teaching, ask the trainer or another experienced teacher for feedback.Think about how you will...


Handbook for teachers | Module 3 30
• TKT: Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process. Teaching knowledge is assessed by means of objective-format tests, which are simple to administer and to take.


Teaching Qualifications
The modules for the online input of the course have a practical, communicative focus on teachers • Module Two: portfolio of coursework, including written assignments and assessed teaching practice.


Classroom Activity
TKT Module 1: Types of activities and tasks for language and skills development – Teacher’s Notes. When a teacher or a student looks again at language or skills that have already been taught in order...


TKT all modules | Flexible assessment for language teachers
TKT: Module 1 — Background to language teaching • TKT: Module 2 — Planning for language These modules provide introductions to specialist areas of language teaching and can be taken...


3078-5Y04TKTcandidates-info | Module 1 example questions
s Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process. • Teachers’ and learners’ language in the classroom • Classroom management. A detailed handbook for TKT is available to download from...


D Esigning modules for learning | Teaching for Learning
Esigning modules for learning. Roisin Donnelly and Marian Fitzmaurice Learning and Teaching Centre Dublin Institute of Technology 14 Upper Mount Street Dublin 2 Ireland Tel...