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SYLLABUS | Overview of Strategic Management
Strategic Management. SYLLABUS. Page 1 of 4. The course adopts a functional approach to management which is based on the commonly accepted notion that co-operation and goal congruence between the various divisions, department and other sub-units of an organization are essential if it is...


The syllabus also intends to develop in candidates the ability to focus on the needs of users when preparing financial statements. b) Managing Information Technology Information resource management: strategic management, functional management. resource management technology...


The full syllabus – strategic level
Strategic supply chain management. • Implications of these interactions for Chartered Management Accountants and the management accounting system. • Indicative syllabus content. • The financial and non-financial objectives of different organisations (e.g. value for money, maximising shareholder...


The full syllabus – strategic level
Indicative syllabus content. • The financial and non-financial objectives of different organisations (e.g. value for money, maximising shareholder (a) evaluate the financial and strategic implications of proposals for mergers and acquisitions, including their terms, post-transaction values and processes...


The full syllabus – strategic level
The syllabus comprises the following topics and study weightings (a) evaluate appropriate methods for managing financial risks; (b) evaluate the effects of alternative methods of risk management; (c) discuss exchange rate theory and the impact of differential inflation rates on forecast exchange rates...


8 CMI syllabus | level 7 in strategic management and...
Personal development as a strategic manager. Developing performance management strategies. Financial proposals bring together the requirement for a wide range of skills, not only those around oral and written communication but importantly those that can articulate a proposal in terms of: strategic...


BUAD 497 – Strategic Management, Syllabus Fall 2017
This syllabus and the materials used for this course are only for students registered in this section. Distribution of any of these materials to other Strategic Management (BUAD 497) is an integrative and interdisciplinary course. It assumes a broad view of the environment that includes buyers...


Part 2. Strategic Options Generation: Assessment and Evaluation
Syllabus strategic financial management. 2.3. Marketing and strategic choice of the company: cost reduction and dif-ferentiation strategies, value chain analysis, products and knowledge.


Part 2. Strategic Options Generation: Assessment and Evaluation
Strategic financial management syllabus. Part 1. Strategic positioning. 2. Valuation for acquisitions and mergers 3. Discounted cash flow techniques and the use of free cash flows 4. Financing decisions 5. Impact of capital investment on financial reporting.


Strategic | 10.The syllabus
The syllabus includes financial aspects of managing an organisation, including evaluating available sources of finance and key financial and management The Strategic Business Leader syllabus is examined using a 100% integrated case study, examining across a breadth of organisational functions.