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Syllabus-Strategic Management
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Course Title Course Code No of Credits/Term Mode of Tuition : Dr. Paul Whitla Dept. of Marketing and International Business SEK 101/13 [email protected] MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour Course Syllabus 2013-2014 2nd Term.


Syllabus - Strategic Management | MBA – Marketing Management
Syllabus. MBA – Marketing Management. Course Number: Number of Credits: Prerequisites On Strategic Marketing, 2013, Harvard Business School Press. The Tipping Point, 2001, Back Bay Books. Business Model Generation, 2010, Wiley Value Proposition Design, 2014, Wiley.


Syllabus – BUSI 0071A/ MKTG3531: Strategic Marketing...
Strategic Marketing (9th Edition) by David W. Cravens and Nigel F. Piercy (2009) McGraw-Hill Higher Education ISBN-13: 978-007-126335-1. This course examines the marketing management concepts underlying both consumer and industrial marketing strategy and tactics.


BUAD 497 – Strategic Management, Syllabus Fall 2017
Strategic Management (BUAD 497) is an integrative and interdisciplinary course. It assumes a broad view of the environment that includes buyers, suppliers, competitors, technology, the economy, capital markets, government, and global forces and views the external environment as dynamic and...


Management Consulting Syllabus
Strategic Marketing Consulting Agenda: - Typical marketing consulting issues addressed - Types of marketing consulting firms - Future It is the collective responsibility of all class members to take note of any course changes to the syllabus as well as to assist the course to move at an acceptable pace.


Marketing Strategy (Marketing 807)
Marketing strategy is concerned with managing customers to maximize long-term company profits. Although the syllabus and course assignments have been reviewed carefully, there are occasionally Topic 13: Strategic Management of Channels: Managing Channel Conflict Reading: Watch video on...


Strategic Management Syllabus
Strategic Management Graduate Course BUSN 7204 Prof Myles Bassell page 3 of 17. This syllabus is subject to change as necessary. How corporations can use related diversification to achieve synergistic benefits through economies of scope and market power.


Wharton Syllabus - 2016C MKTG611001 - MARKETING...
Marketing management – mktg 611 fall 2016. 1. The skills you acquire in MKTG 611 will be useful regardless of the industry or geography in which you decide to pursue your More details are available on pages 10-11 of this syllabus. Marketing management – mktg 611 fall 2016.


Wharton Waiver | Strategic Marketing Simulation (MKTG 613)
MKTG 612/613 Marketing Management: Strategy/Strategic Marketing Simulation. The provision of information for internal decision making is referred to as managerial accounting. The objective of the core requirement in accounting is to teach the basic concepts, standards, and practices of financial...


The full syllabus – strategic level
Indicative syllabus content. • Non-market strategy and forms of corporate political activity. • External demands for responsible business practices Strategic supply chain management. • Implications of these interactions for Chartered Management Accountants and the management accounting system. •