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Image Repair Strategies, Local News Portrayals and
Image Repair Strategies Used By Duke University. A total of 54 communication pieces contained 61 uses of rhetorical strategy. Strategies not used were provocation, accident, good intentions...


Image Repair and Crisis Response
The first image repair strategy, denial, comes from apologia theory. Benoit states that there are two different types of denial, simple denial or evasion of responsibility. Simple denial states that the...


What To Do (And What Not To Do)
image restoration strategies were used more than others, and perhaps clarify what makes the aftermath of one scandal more successful than another.


An investigation into image repair theory
Bolstering was the most effective image repair strategy while apologizing was ineffective. Looking at crises as something that can be managed ignores the complexity of crisis situations.


Image Repair Strategies of Rwandan
The chapter examines how image repair strategies have been used by organizations and nation 2.6 Examples of Corporate Image Crises and Repair Strategies. The Egyptian nation is familiar with the...


A Historiography of Nigerian Government Image
The strategies employed by the Nigeria government in image building, repair and restoration will be examined and analyzed. Also, the outcome of the government’s efforts in managing the national...


Article in press
RQ2: What image repair strategies did Phelps’ sponsors use to respond to the photo controversy? Dow Corning’s image repair strategies in the breast implant crisis.


Image repair strategies for today’s
When “crisis” becomes the norm: Image repair strategies for today’s. merged media environment. Stan Polit University of Pennsylvania Law School.


From Apologia to Benoit: An Empirical Test of
when their images require repair. Benoit defines image restoration theory as strategies used to. respondents would become to image repair strategies (as most major stories involving an image.


3.1Image Repair
image repair includes five general strategies: denial, evasion of responsibility, reduction of the offensiveness of. the act, corrective action, and mortification. There are two major assumptions that...