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Image Repair Strategies, Local News Portrayals and
Image Repair Strategies Used By Duke University. A total of 54 communication pieces contained 61 uses of rhetorical strategy. Strategies not used were provocation, accident, good intentions...


Article in press
RQ1: What image repair strategies did Phelps use to respond to the photo controversy? Dow Corning’s image repair strategies in the breast implant crisis.


Image Repair Strategies of Rwandan
This denial as an image repair strategy is alluded to by (Blaney & Benoit, 2011). Even though, the American senate later acquitted the President and he escaped removal from office...


3.1Image Repair
image repair includes five general strategies: denial, evasion of responsibility, reduction of the offensiveness of. the act, corrective action, and mortification. There are two major assumptions that...


From Apologia to Benoit: An Empirical Test of
when their images require repair. Benoit defines image restoration theory as strategies used to. effectiveness at repairing their image, based on consumer feelings. The entire study showed.


Through interdisciplinary coursework combining theory and application...
1. Students in the program can draw on the university’s strengths in computing technology, design, and imaging, to further integrate their experiential learning and scholarship. 2. The university currently has...


Image repair and media coverage following sexual
ABSTRACT This thesis addresses universities’ image repair strategies when a student athlete is accused of sexual assault and the media’s coverage of these strategies.


Running head: apologia, antapologia and political power
strategies, only then did he succeed in repairing his image. This conclusion can be utilized in the analysis of the present study, as image repair is a primary purpose or reasoning behind choosing...


The second most utilized image repair strategy was attacking the accuser. Attacking the accuser is when the accused verbally retaliates against his/her accuser (Benoit 2015).


Strategic Messaging in a Political Crisis: Testing the
The image repair strategies and tactics identified by Benoit (1995) can be utilized by scholars and practitioners for identifying strategic message options during a crisis.