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Reliability and validity of the questionnaire instrument
The test of validity and reliability of the questionnaire was based on the undergraduate students’ opinion on the research training program Reliability statistics [Table 1] showed the value of the coefficient of Cronbach for the research scale as 0.768. Cronbach’s α based on standardized items.


Questionnaire Design Reproductive Health Series Module 4
• Understand how and to what extent the validity and reliability of a questionnaire can be assessed. Module 4: Questionnaire Design. We aim for a completely standardized exchange of information, where dia­ logue is unambiguous and task-oriented, and attention to quality control is ever present.


Standard foodborne disease outbreak case questionnaire. Introductory note. This questionnaire is an adaptation of a standardized questionnaire developed by the Minnesota Department of Health. It is intended for use as a template for investigating foodborne disease outbreaks.


Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System — 2013
and private schools in grades 9–12, a standardized protocol to measure height and weight among all students completing the questionnaire, and NCHS staff examined student responses to the questionnaire and recommended ways to improve reliability and validity by clarifying the wording of...


A Reliability Generalization of the Parental Authority Questionnaire
This reliability generalization dissected the most commonly used measure to identify parenting style--the Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ; Buri In this investigation, all six scales of the PAQ were found to be reliable at a level generally acceptable for research purposes, but not necessarily reliable...


The VISA-A questionnaire: a valid and reliable
Table 2 summarises the reliability of the VISA-A questionnaire. There was no diVer-ence in scores whether the test-retest question-naires were In randomised controlled trials in which the VISA-A is used as an outcome measure, researchers could standardise the score as a percentage, or, as is...


International Physical Activity Questionnaire: 12-Country Reliability...
All centers used a standardized protocol for reliability and validity assessment, overseen by a protocol coordinator (BEA). Reliability data for the IPAQ short questionnaires are presented in Table 4. Repeatability was again at an accept-able level, with 75% of the correlation coefficients observed.

https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Adeleke_Taiwo2/post/how_to_calculate_the_reliability_and_validity/attachment/59d64455c49f478072eacc4f/AS:[email protected]/download/0deec52b7f5af48f1a000000.pdf

Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) | Reliability and Validity
Reliability and Validity. Reliability is the consistency or reproducibility of a response.8 It is most frequently assessed for measures of physical activity by the completion of an instrument on 2 separate occasions.


A Standardized Open-Ended Questionnaire as a Substitute for a Personal Interview in Dental Admissions. The internal reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient. Table 2 presents the reliability coefficients of the question-naire scores.


Self Regulated Learning Questionnaire: Reliability and Validity Study
For this purpose, the validity and reliability study of the “Self-Regulation Learning Questionnaire” was conducted on 688 students who studied in different In confirmatory factor analysis, for the structural fit of the model, Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA), Standardized Root Mean...