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Questionnaire | Validity and Reliability
• Understand the implications of designing questionnaires for multicultural populations. • Understand how and to what extent the validity and reliability A well-designed questionnaire aims to construct and standardize the questions that are asked of each respondent in such a way as to minimize error...


Reliability and validity of the questionnaire instrument
The evaluation of questionnaire’s reliability‑internal consistency was made possible by Cronbach’s α,[12] which is considered the most important Reliability statistics [Table 1] showed the value of the coefficient of Cronbach for the research scale as 0.768. Cronbach’s α based on standardized items.


Global Physical Activity | 2 The questionnaire
Global Physical Activity Questionnaire. (GPAQ). Analysis Guide. Surveillance and Population-Based Prevention Prevention of Noncommunicable The Global Physical Activity Questionnaire was developed by WHO for physical activity surveillance in countries. It collects information on physical...


Sample questionnaire
Note: This questionnaire will not provide the information about patients’ perspective of primary care services, such as time that doctors spend with patients at each visit, patient’s perception of quality of services, etc.


International Physical Activity Questionnaire: 12-Country Reliability...
All centers used a standardized protocol for reliability and validity assessment, overseen by a protocol coordinator (BEA). Reliability data for the IPAQ short questionnaires are presented in Table 4. Repeatability was again at an accept-able level, with 75% of the correlation coefficients observed.


A Standardized Open-Ended Questionnaire
A Standardized Open-Ended Questionnaire as a Substitute for a Personal Interview in Dental Admissions. The correlations indi-cate a high degree of agreement between the two rat-ers. The internal reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient.


A Screening Questionnaire for Asperger Syndrome
The questionnaire was designed for com-pletion by lay informants. The interrater reliability (Pearson r) of the ASSQ mean total score for parent and teacher ratings at Time 1 in the Test-retest reliability for total ASSQ scores over a 2-week interval, as well as for total Rutter and Con-ners scale...


An 18-item standardized Asthma
Validity and Reliability of the Standardized Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire—AQLQ(S) in Greece. In M. A. Lange (Ed.), Leading edge psychological tests and testing research (pp. 89– 108). New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Review of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire...
Abstract Reliability generalization studies were conducted on the motivation and learning strategies scales of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) to typify score reliabilities for all scales on the instrument and to examine potential sources of measurement error across studies...


Standardized multi-language questionnaire
Standardized multi-language questionnaire. Boarding questions.