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The Unauthorized Biographies of Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
text in a very different way than the real Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius would have us do. The appendix shows the similarities: I have used italics in Vita I and underlining in Vita VI to indicate...


Mataya, N. (2014) „Martyrs and Saints: The Transformation of...
Eugippius, therefore, proves that Severinus is a true successor to the martyrs by emphasizing the miracles and ascetical lifestyle of Severinus and punishing those who disbelieve in him.


The Discourse of Herrschaft
7 Friedrich Lotter’s Severinus von Noricum, the most important studies on Severinus and his hagiographer Eugippius have appeared in Pohl and Diesenberger, Eugippius und Severin.


Russ Gasdia
included: De varietate liborum by Haymo of Halberstadt, Doctrina by Severinus, Historia. ecclesiastica by Bede, Vita S. Fursei, Epistola XX by Boniface of Mainz, Expositio veteris ac.


Iron and Rust
Aemilius Severinus: Lucius Aemilius Severinus, also called Phillyrio; com-mander of the Speculatores. Albinus: Clodius Albinus, declared emperor by the legions of Britain and Spain under Septimius...


Exsvperevs verianvs severinvs a(v) gvstalis
I. May he who has stolen vilbia from me dissolve like water. May she who has devoured her be struck dumb, whether it be velvinna or exsuperus or verianus or severinus or augustalis or comitianus or...


Michiel Florent van Langren and Lunar Naming
...(Joannes Le Pessier, b. 1596, Jesuit astronomer) Leototi Leurechonii (Jean Leurechon, c.1591-1670, French Jesuit priest and mathematician) Longomontani (Christian Severinus Longomontanus...


Medieval institute latin exam, fall 2016
1 oriundus: 6 adeptae: 10 quid: the subject is Severinus. passive meaning! = cur. PASSAGE NO 3: Second AIDED PASSAGE. Alcuin, Vita Sancti Willibrordi 3: On the death of Willibrord’s father.


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Preface to the Ordination Rites
Boniface V 69. Honorius 70. Severinus 71.