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The Unauthorized Biographies of Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
text in a very different way than the real Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius would have us do. The appendix shows the similarities: I have used italics in Vita I and underlining in Vita VI to indicate...


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Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation


Mataya, N. (2014) „Martyrs and Saints: The Transformation of...
Eugippius, therefore, proves that Severinus is a true successor to the martyrs by emphasizing the miracles and ascetical lifestyle of Severinus and punishing those who disbelieve in him.


Medieval institute latin exam, fall 2016
1 oriundus: 6 adeptae: 10 quid: the subject is Severinus. passive meaning! = cur. PASSAGE NO 3: Second AIDED PASSAGE. Alcuin, Vita Sancti Willibrordi 3: On the death of Willibrord’s father.


Belorussian masculine person names
Marinus); Севярын (< Severinus); Сявір. (3. Classification of the Belorussian masculine person names, derived from a Roman name with uncertain origin.


The Discourse of Herrschaft
7 Friedrich Lotter’s Severinus von Noricum, the most important studies on Severinus and his hagiographer Eugippius have appeared in Pohl and Diesenberger, Eugippius und Severin.


The Title and Deed of the Catholic Church
Honorius I. 638. Severinus.


HARVARD | EuGrppiTTS: The Life of Saint Severinus.
HARVARD TRANSLATIONS. EuGrppiTTS: The Life of Saint Severinus. Translated into English for the first. time, with Notes, by GEORGE W.


Megarians and Stoics.
Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius (c.475-524). “The last of the Roman philosophers, and the rst of the scholastic theologians" (Martin Grabmann).