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Viewers watch as. their favorite movie stars arrive looking beautiful and hopeful. Star Wars, are done by computer animation. To create the illusion of. movement, an image is put on the computer and...


Active and Passive Voice - PDF Grammar Worksheet - B1 - PA009
practice sessions. sessions. (SHOULD GIVE) 16.After dad had taken me to the zoo, he bought me some new clothes at the.


W o r k s h e e t s
A) Read each sentence. Then make two new sentences in the PASSIVE: 1. People say Tom Cruise is the richest movie star. a) It is said that Tom Cruise is the richest movie star. b)...


English File third edition
Student B 1 Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York are putting on early afternoon film sessions. 2 The difficulty of walking in streets full of mothers and babies in buggies 3 Ordinary people watching films at...


11. They told us a secret. _ 12. Would they lend me their car? _


pyramid 4. oval 5. rectangle 6. triangle 7. rectangle 8. spherical 9. sides 10. square 11. oval Exercise 7: 1. cylindrical 2. pointed 3. heart-shaped 4. star-shaped 5. pear-shaped 6. diamond-shaped.


The secret garden
THE SECRET GARDEN Stage 3. 'We're alike, you and me,' old Ben Weatherstaff said to Mary. But then Mary learns about the secret garden. The door is locked and hidden, and the key is lost.


Flash on English for Mechanics, Electronics and
Star network In a star network all nodes are connected to a special central node called the hub. Once it has received a signal, the hub passes it to all the other nodes until it reaches the destination computer.


Henry VIII
20 Henry VIII and his Six Wives smiling. 'And palaces are full of people, coming and going, talking in corners, telling secrets. If you listen, it's not difficult to learn things.' 'So was Jane a nicer person than...