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Understanding and Reporting on Academic Rigor
“Rigor is to academic work what careful practice and nuanced performance is to musical performance and what intense and committed play is to athletic performance. page 8 Sample Questions From Academic Tests Worldwide. page 9 Rigor Abroad: Looking to Europe and Asia.


Rigor and Relevance Handbook
I. Rigor/Relevance Framework Introducing the Rigor/Relevance These questions came up once again as we observed a teacher in action with his 9th grade Algebra 1 class. The Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations has focused on many relationship-based questions in its extensive My Voice©...


Indiana Dual Credit | Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions. Indiana Department of Education & Commission for Higher Education January 2019. Table of contents. 1. Postsecondary campuses shall take appropriate steps to ensure that dual credit courses are of identical quality and rigor to qualify for college credit, in this...


Consequently, lesson plans should clearly demonstrate the teaching, questioning, and assessment strategies teachers plan to use with each lesson and perceptions, knowledge and intentions [13]. The proper grouping strategy, however, depends on the rigor of the question and the academic abilities...


Meeting the Language Needs of Today's Adult English Language...
Engaging Learners With Academic Language. Teaching Through Projects to Meet Rigorous Language Demands. This RESOURCE addresses the following three guiding questions: § What do today’s adult ELLs What is “rigor” in the context of adult English language teaching and learning?


Towards an objective evaluation of teacher performance
Moreover, the question about linkages between state standards and student achievement remains to be answered, since there were many challenges The analysis treated the rigor of standards as both independent and dependent variables, in that it may influence students’ academic achievement as...


Rigor and Academic Achievement: Career Academies versus...
The questions dealt with in this study range from the general question whether anyone may benefit hand-in-hand with the academic side of education in order to increase “positive outcomes in terms Figure 1 Rigor/relevance framework®. Copyright © International Center for Leadership in Education.


UNO Academic Policy and Guidelines on Rigor and Guidelines
The academic unit proposing the new and/or revised course has the preliminary and primary If there are concerns or questions, faculty are encouraged to include an explanation of how the courses Criteria for evaluating course content and rigor. • Intellectual challenge appropriate to the level...


Academic Rigor/Strength of Schedule
Academic Rigor/Strength of Schedule Poor Good Very Good Excellent Superior. Admittedly subjective, rigorous schedules will often have more than one lab course per semester, will consistently have at least four classes per semester, might have a thesis, challenging upper level coursework...


Reviewer Guidance on Rigor and Transparency
• The rigor of the prior research concerns the quality and strength of the research being cited by the applicant as crucial to support the application; this is distinct from the hypothesis or Consider whether the prior research that serves as the key support for the proposed project is rigorous. §