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Introduction to quantum information processing - Quantum Channels
QUANTUM CHANNELS. 6 of 19. Preamble. Superoperators. Quantum channels. A quantum channel is the analogue of a unitary map for mixed states. The channel is dened by the...


Quantum Technologies Flagship Intermediate Report. The first quantum revolution – understanding and applying the physical laws of the microscopic realm – resulted in ground-breaking technologies...


A Union that strives for more
To lead the way on next-generation hyperscalers, we will invest in blockchain, high-performance computing, quantum computing, algorithms and tools to allow data sharing and data usage.


Quantum Game Theory
Quantum Game Theory. and its applications. Mark Tame. Protein folding is now turning to a full quantum mechanical treatment at the molecular level with evidence of games being played.


AQI: Advanced Quantum Information
What if we want to characterise the dynamics of a quantum system? This is known as system identication. in classical systems and for quantum systems it’s called quantum process tomography.


AQI: Advanced Quantum Information
AQI: Advanced Quantum Information Lecture 8 (Module 2): Distance Measures. We saw in the last two lectures how hard it is to distinguish quantum states, but with enough copies we can fully...


About quantum computer software
About quantum computer software. YURI I. OZHIGOV Moscow State University of 572 About quantum computer software. represented as F T −1 P F T , so that where the representation of...


nphoton.2007.22.threw.review.indd | Quantum communication
The basic motivation is that quantum states code quantum information — called qubits in the case Quantum-communication theory is a broad field, including for example, communication complexity7...


To merge into
To Quantum Project and Tokens.net backers. The idea of the Quantum Project started in 2016 when new business models had started to emerge in the crypto environment.


Quantum channels with quantum group symmetry
In [BC18, BCLY20]. Quantum channels with quantum group symmetry. 3. Once we include quantum groups for the possible symmetry groups, it is natural to be interested in whether we...