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Quantum Technologies Flagship Intermediate Report. The first quantum revolution – understanding and applying the physical laws of the microscopic realm – resulted in ground-breaking technologies...


Quantum computation and quantum information are of great current interest in computer science, mathematics, physical sciences and engineering. They will likely lead to a new wave of technological...


Simulating quantum computation by contracting tensor networks
More ambitiously, quantum circuits compete with conventional computing and communication. Quantum-mechanical effects may potentially lead to computational speed-ups, more secure or more...


Quantum Channel Capacities
Quantum Channel Capacities. Graeme Smith IBM TJ Watson Research Center. Abstract—A quantum communication channel can be put to many uses: it can transmit classical information...


Quantum. Total Light Management System IT Implementation Guide. Revision E 31 January 2020. Server and Application Considerations MicrosoftR SQL & OS Required for Each Quantum...


Quantum Vue allows the operator to control the Quantum system, monitor system status and run system reports. During system start-up, the Lutron field engineer will install the Q-Manager software...


Quantum Dots
Quantum Dots: Science and Applications. • The Future is Bright: The usefulness and application of Quantum Dot technology continues to expand and research is striving to bring their benefits to more...


Quantum Computation
• n qubit systems • Quantum Fourier transform & quantum algorithms • Limits of quantum algorithms + positive implications Importance: Quantum computers violate Extended Church-Turing Thesis.


Quantum computation and
Quantum computation and quantum optics with circuit QED. Jens Koch filling in for. basic concept quantum bus: coupling of qubits over long distance ( quantum optics with circuits).


Quantum Game Theory
Quantum Game Theory. and its applications. Mark Tame. Protein folding is now turning to a full quantum mechanical treatment at the molecular level with evidence of games being played.