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Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to project management. Program versus Project. Defining a Project As Interrelated Tasks. 4 Project Management Methodology. - Project Monitoring & Control. 5 Team Exercise.


Project management can be described as the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling Simply put, project management is all about setting and achieving reasonable and attainable goals.


Masters in Project | Project Management
Project Management is widely hailed as the “lynchpin of organisational success” and the “number one career choice”. Project managers are generalists that are exposed to all aspects of the organisation.


Advanced project management
The Advanced Project Management Programme (APM) equips managers with principles and the know-how of completing projects on time, within budget and while meeting expectations.


Project management : examples. ¾PYRAMIDS ¾ Pyramid at Cheops ¾ 3 BC ¾ 2,30,000 Stone Blocks weighing 2- 70 tons a pc ¾ Height of a 40 storey building ¾ Base is 13 acres ¾ 1,50...


Software Project Management
Schwalbe IT Project Management, Jack Marchewka Software Engineering Project Management, edited by. Richard H. Thayer Software Project Survival Guide, Steve McConnell.


Project Management
z Project and Program z 4 Project Dimensions. z People, process, product, technology. z Rapid Development Strategy. z Avoid classic mistakes, development fundamentals, risk management...


Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)
Software Project Management Plan. for. Version Release. Describe the internal management structure of the project, as well as how the project relates to the rest of the organization.


Project Management Manual
Project Management Manual. Planning & managing projects. Define & organize the. Project management affects the bottom line by helping cross-functional teams work smarter.


PROPS Manual for Project Managers
Project Management Knowledge Areas. PROPS Manual for Project Managers 5. The general project management model provides a shared view on project management and a common...