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Product Reputation Model: An Opinion Mining Based
...product reputation model that uses opinion mining techniques in order to extract sentiments about product’s features, and then provide a method to generate a more realistic reputation value for every...


Product Reputation Trend Extraction
Product Reputation Trend Extraction from Twitter. Aizhan Bizhanova, Osamu Uchida. Twitter, Reputation Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing.


Product Recalls and Firm Reputation
We model reputation capital as a reward for good behavior of sellers of a product the quality of which is not contractible. The market reacts unfavorably to product recalls which are the result of product...


Reputation Management
Reputation Management: A Framework for Measurement and Valuation. Dr. Charles J. Fombrun Reputation Institute. Henley Management College 22 September 2005. RI ‘At-A-Glance’: A Network...


of reputation management ■■ Reputation management: the best corporate communication strategy ■■ The expanded reputation formula ■■ Sidebar: The authentic enterprise ■■ Sidebar: Systems...


Stretching ¯rm and brand reputation
If the new product is relatively pro¯table compared to the base product, then, for a given level of quality, ¯rms stretch if and only if reputation is high (i.e., ¯rms exploit good reputations).


Stretching rm
Stretching rm and brand reputation. Lu´ıs M.B. Cabral*. I consider an adverse selection model of Consumers observe the per-formance of the rm’s products, and product performance is positively...


Collective reputation and quality
Collective reputation and quality. Jason A. Winfree and Jill J. McCluskey*. A firm is said to “extract” reputation from the reputation stock when it sells low-quality products at high prices...


Reputation of Focal Product
Reputation of Focal Product. 292 P. Song et al. / Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 10 able because the reputation of a focal product may positively inu-ence advertising effectiveness.


What Is Reputation?
Reputation was, is, and always will be of immense importance to organisations, whether commercial It relates to leadership, management and organisational operations; the quality of products and...