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Product Reputation Model: An Opinion Mining Based
...product reputation model that uses opinion mining techniques in order to extract sentiments about product’s features, and then provide a method to generate a more realistic reputation value for every...


Product Recalls and Firm Reputation
We model reputation capital as a reward for good behavior of sellers of a product the quality of which is not contractible. The market reacts unfavorably to product recalls which are the result of product...


Stretching ¯rm and brand reputation
The ¯rm's reputation is given by the consumers' posterior on the ¯rm's quality level given the ¯rm's performance history. I address the following question: if a ¯rm is to launch a new product...


Stretching rm
Stretching rm and brand reputation. Lu´ıs M.B. Cabral*. I consider an adverse selection model of Consumers observe the per-formance of the rm’s products, and product performance is positively...


Reputation Management
Reputation Management: A Framework for Measurement and Valuation. Dr. Charles J. Fombrun Reputation Institute. Henley Management College 22 September 2005. RI ‘At-A-Glance’: A Network...


Changing Roles and Functions in Public Relations
Organizational reputation is typically studied within a business context – with the exception of Nguyen and LeBlanc (2001) and Theus (1993) – but the literature on corporate reputation can be useful in...


Client Reputation
Client Reputation. Improving security decisions and adding an extra layer of protection. Client Reputation provides an additional layer of protection on top of Kona Site Defender.


of reputation management ■■ Reputation management: the best corporate communication strategy ■■ The expanded reputation formula ■■ Sidebar: The authentic enterprise ■■ Sidebar: Systems...


Product brands are the beneficiaries | Corporate reputation provides
Corporate reputation provides product quality assurance Any disconnect between corporate and product reputation triggers sharp consumer reaction Products drive discussion...


Great company. Satisfied customers . ” | in its products.” reputation.”
in reputation we trust. 87%. of executives say a strong corporate brand is just as important as strong product brands. 70%. of consumers avoid buying a product if they don’t like the company behind the...