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Syllabus - MEM 490 Product Management
What is Product Management? Product Managers (PMs) can have a big impact on a technology company's performance. PMs define a product’s functional requirements and then lead a team...


Product Management Program Syllabus
Weekly Topics & Learning Outcomes. Product Management Program Syllabus. Students will discover real-world tools to enhance their product management practice and broaden their...


SYLLABUS | Overview of Strategic Management
Strategic Management. SYLLABUS. Page 1 of 4. PURPOSE The main purpose of this course in Strategic Management is to introduce students to and equip them with skills required to manage...


Syllabus – level 1. 1. The role of the Purchasing and Materials Manager. Syllabus – level 2. 1. Background to purchasing 2. Purchasing and materials management 3. Quality 4...


Class Meetings | 15.S72 Introduction to Product Management
Key aspects of product strategy, product development, and product lifecycle management are discussed, as well as the associated responsibilities of the product manager. This course is intended...


"Fast and Furious: Startup Product Management"
15.828 Product Management. Instructor for Sections A & B. Administrative Assistant. A/B Testing and Experimentation Google Analytics Tutorial. 15.828 Syllabus 1 T. Tony Ke, Spring 2018.


Social media management syllabus
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYLLABUS MMC 6730 - SUMMER 2016 COURSE INFORMATION Credits 03 Weekly Live Office Hour: Every Monday at 7:00 p.m. ET via Adobe Connect.


MAR 4232 Retail Management Syllabus
Page 3 MAR 4232 Syllabus. Disability Accommodations Services: Florida Gulf Coast University, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the university’s guiding principles...


Syllabus for management development programmes (mdps)
Syllabus. Strategic Management to include SM Overview, Geopolitics, National Interest, National Security, National Power, Net Assessment etc. Organizational Behaviour to include Motivation...


M-MM-4 Product & Brand Management. Accounting information and Managerial Decision Making; Financial Accounting vs Cost & Management Accounting; Role of Management Accountant; Basic...