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Product Management
Product management as a discipline is about what the product should be. Product managers are advocates for the customer’s needs and desires. A large product might have numerous product...


The Product Manager and the
Product Management Concerns. Overall, the RUP is fairly “product manager-friendly” as far as software development processes go. The product manager role (by different names)...


Product Management
Product management is responsible for defining the right product. It is the job of the product manager to deeply understand the target market and their needs, and then to work to combine what...


2 Product management arena, Outer loop. In some companies Product Managers are stuck with operational support to ongoing deliveries and projects. Solving technical and delivery issues which are...


A Paper For Software Product Managers, Product Directors, Product Owners and all involved in Agile Product Delivery. Product Management in an Agile World A Framework for Product Success.


Managing New Products or Markets
Product Management Insight / PAPER 5. Managing New Products or Markets through the Life-Cycle. Product development and innovation are two intimately connected processes.


Product Management Metrics
Product Management Metrics How to measure, monitor and manage product success. Other Key Metrics. A category for metrics that may be unique to your product line or company objectives.


Product Management Festival
Product Management Festival (PMF) is an organization whose aim is to support product management (PM) as a profession. It contributes to the development of product managers and...


Product Management Case Study
Product Management Case Study. Pricing Research: ¾Product Price = Frequency times Severity Product Management Case Study. Manage execution: ¾Focusing each functional area on the...


Product Management in
Product Management in Small/Medium Companies. The Product Manager’s Role in a Growing Company. heavily on producer management activities. “Tweener” Companies. ‡ Program design.