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Product Recalls and Firm Reputation
We model reputation capital as a reward for good behavior of sellers of a product the quality of which is not contractible. This paper estimates the value of a reputation using product-recall data from the transportation-equipment sector and information about stock price movements in response to...


Stretching ¯rm and brand reputation
The ¯rm's reputation is given by the consumers' posterior on the ¯rm's quality level given the ¯rm's performance history. I address the following question: if a ¯rm is to launch a new product, should it use the same name as its base product (reputation stretching), or should it create a new name (and start...


Product Reputation Model: An Opinion Mining Based
Reputation systems provide methods for collecting and aggregating users’ ratings to calculate the overall reputation for products, users, or services [2]. This final rate is very important, as it In this work we will provide a reputation model for products using sentiment anal-ysis methods.


A Behavioural Model for Client Reputation
We propose a reputation model based on behavioural history of long-lived network client identities as a solution to this problem. Allman, et al [4] presents an architectural overview of ‘a distributed system that provides a lightweight actor-based history database’. Their proposed system ac-cumulates reports of...


Reputation-based Agreement for Agent
In centralised reputation models, a reputation system receives feedback about the interactions among the agents. Each agent evaluates the behaviour of the agents with whom it interacts and – ON 1 : ”An agent playing the role seller must deliver the product sold 2 days after the payment, as maximum”.


Personal or product reputation? Optimizing revenues in the sharing...
Product reputation A meta-analysis conducted by Floyd et al. (2014) finds that product reputation exerts a significant effect on revenues. This result holds across a variety of contexts and is consistent across geographical areas, types of products and different methodological approaches.


Our Sole Focus: Advising Leaders of the Reputation
Product. Enterprise. RepTrak™ is a registered trademark of Reputation Institute. Copyright © 2013 Reputation Institute, 7all rights reserved. 7. are based on questions measuring Trust, Admiration & Respect, Good Feeling and Overall Esteem (captured in the Pulse score on a 0-100 scale).


UK RepTrak TM Pulse 2012 | What is Reputation? An emotional bond
Overall, reputations for corporate UK have shown a decline over the year. Products & Services remains the key driver in the UK although has Reputation and support move together: improve reputation by 5 points, positive support improves by 6%. § Overall, the public is less supportive of...


UK RepTrak TM Pulse 2013 | What is Reputation? An emotional bond
Reputation and support move together: improve reputation by 5 points, positive support improves However, G4S, Rio Tinto, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, and GlaxoSmithKline have faced a reputation decline. Product/Services: 'Company' offers high quality products and services -- it offers excellent...


Global Image and Reputation of
local communities. reputation. Products adapted. to consumers' needs. Creates jobs in my country. Products adapted to consumers' needs. Products that improve quality of life. Survey conducted between February and April 2015.