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Syllabus - MEM 490 Product Management
What is Product Management? Product Managers (PMs) can have a big impact on a technology company's performance. PMs define a product’s functional requirements and then lead a team...


Product Management Program Syllabus
Weekly Topics & Learning Outcomes. Product Management Program Syllabus. Students will discover real-world tools to enhance their product management practice and broaden their...


Course structure & syllabus | d) Human Resource Management
Corporate Finance Organizational Behaviour Operations Management Marketing Management Product Management — An Introduction; Corporate Strategy and Product Policy; Product line...


Syllabus MBA first year
Syllabus- MBA first year (with specialization in finnancial management-fm). Creating the Service Product : identifying and classifying supplementary services, planning and...


Faculty of Management | Syllabus MBA (Marketing) Two Years
Product Decisions: Concept of a product; Classification of products; Major product decisions Introduction to Product & Brand Management, Emergence as a separate area of study, Product...


Course Title: Product Management for the Internet of Things
PRELIMINARY COURSE SYLLABUS Quarter: Summer 2017. This introductory course provides a practical guide to Product Management for IoT products.


4. Manage product development. Product Management requires knowledge of multiple disciplines. Product Management Stories. Charunethran Govindarajan. Product Manager/Software Architect at...


Syllabus for E604
Syllabus for E604 Econometrics Winter 2017. Required Text 1: Econometric Analysis, Seventh Edition (Sixth edition is ne- Syllabus follows seventh edition.), Greene.


The full syllabus – management level
Indicative syllabus content. • Simple product mix analysis in situations where there are limitations on The benefits of just-in-time production, total quality management and theory of constraints and...


The full syllabus – management level
The syllabus comprises the following topics and study weightings: Paper F2 extends the scope of Paper F1 Financial Operations to more advanced topics in financial accounting (preparation of full...