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Marriage and family
concluded that premarital counseling programs were generally found to be atheoretical in their approach to inter-. vention, loosely designed and nonspecific as to their goals. Premarital contracts are also suggested to make more explicit one's attitudes and expectations about the.


Discuss their expectations of premarital counseling. Ask: "What would you like to see accomplished during this period of premarital preparation?" • Ask about their reasons for marrying. Invite the couple to describe to each other the specific reasons why they want to marry each other.


Adolescents’ Attitude Towards Premarital Sex
2.2 Dangers of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. According to Omoegun (1995), if there is one important are where the adolescents’ reactions to their problems can be terribly marked, it is on the dangers and consequences inherent in premarital sexual activities.


Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, 1996
This study examined the relationship between the four premarital types (Vitalized, Harmonious, Traditional, and Conflicted) identified by Fowers and Most marital and family therapists encounter the critical social problem of divorce in the context of offering therapeutic services for those suffering from...


Understanding Change in Romantic Relationship
Keywords Change Á Acculturation Á Romantic relationship Á Romantic relationship expectations Á International Further, in talking about premarital sex, of the ve participants who reported change, M.A I thought that being from different cultural backgrounds would cause a great deal of problems...


Appendix A
Answer the following items about yourself and about your relationship with a partner such as a boyfriend or 157. My partner gets really caught up in hisher family's problems and concerns. We provided a brief review of the literature of premarital prediction of later marital quality in Chapter 1...


Attitudes and Gender Stereotypes Among Adolescents
Abstract In this study exposure to and preferences for three important youth media (TV, music styles/music TV, internet) were examined in relation to adolescents’ permissive sexual attitudes and gender stereotypes (i.e., views of men as sex-driven and tough, and of women as sex objects).


The Relationship Between Sexism, Feminism, and
tmp.1119023557.pdf.CJkhN. Sexism, feminism and premarital sex 5. double standard has not disappeared (Milhausen & Herold, 1999). Glick and Fiske (1996) developed the scale to demonstrate the dangers of benevolent sexism. The endorsement of the double standard shows that sexism is still a problem today.


Premarital Counseling Guide
Premarital Counseling Guide for Same Gender Couples. The premarital counseling guide for same gender couples comes from understandings of Edwin Friedman’s work in family systems theory and Generation to Generation (Guilford Press, 1985) in particular.


Young Adult Romantic Relationships
Young Adult Romantic Relationships: The Role of Parents’ Marital Problems and Relationship Efficacy. Ming Cui Frank D. Fincham B. Kay Pasley Florida State University. However, Amato and DeBoer focused on marital instability and divorce, not premarital relationship interaction and quality.