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Premarital Questionnaire
Premarital Questionnaire. Marriage Views and Divorce: What is your definition of marriage? What relationship do you expect your spouse to have with your children? Will your spouse interact with the children's other parent? Do you believe in using mediators to help with marital problems?


Possible causes of premarital
This study investigated possible causes of premarital sex among youths as perceived by lecturers of University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Both Christianity and Islam (the major religions in Nigeria) vehemently oppose premarital sex and thus prescribed specific punishment for culprits.


Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, 1996
This study examined the relationship between the four premarital types (Vitalized, Harmonious, Traditional, and Conflicted) identified by Fowers and Most marital and family therapists encounter the critical social problem of divorce in the context of offering therapeutic services for those suffering from...


Quality premarital preparation, like PREPARE/ENRICH, can reduce the risk of divorce and increase relationship skills and satisfaction. Participants with premarital education had higher marital satisfaction, higher commitment, and lower marital conflict.


Journal of Family Psychology
Premarital programs designed to prevent divorce were initially rather haphazard, atheoretical, and lacking in empirical foundation Although premarital interventions appear to be an effective means of preventing early marital disruption, they are generally applied indiscriminantly to engaged couples.


Part one: a crisis of premarital sex
PREMARITAL SEX AND YOUTH: THE DISTURBING FACTS Without solid reasons for saying no to premarital sex, today’s kids are vulnerable in times of temptation, doubt, and questioning from their friends and peers. Many are responding by getting involved sexually, as evidenced in the following...


Premarital Counseling Guide
Premarital Counseling Guide for Same Gender Couples. The premarital counseling guide for same gender couples comes from understandings of Edwin Friedman’s work in family systems theory and Generation to Generation (Guilford Press, 1985) in particular.


Marriage and family
concluded that premarital counseling programs were generally found to be atheoretical in their approach to inter-. vention, loosely designed and nonspecific as to their goals. Premarital contracts are also suggested to make more explicit one's attitudes and expectations about the.


premature and premarital relationships. Previous research shows that teenagers who are exposed to sexuality issues at an early stage often delay indulging in sexual encounters until they are grown up. c) Should young people be taught about AIDS and other STDs before they become sexually active?


The art of maintaining a successful marriage in the seventh
Couples who have problems in their relationships fail to relate effectively to God, the church, fellow believers, etc. Married couples with marital problems become harsh, gloomy, prostitutes and may encounter psychological problems. Some continue to stay in the marriage because of their children.