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Predicting Marital Success for Premarital Couple Types Based on...
This study examined the relationship between the four premarital types (Vitalized, Harmonious, Traditional, and Conflicted) Most marital and family therapists encounter the critical social problem of divorce in the context of offering therapeutic services for those suffering from marital discord.


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2.2 Dangers of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. According to Omoegun (1995), if there is one important are where the adolescents’ reactions to their problems can be terribly marked, it is on the dangers and consequences inherent in premarital sexual activities.


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The literature on the association between premarital cohabitation and marital dissolution presents several puzzles. Theories of the association between premarital cohabitation and divorce: selection and the cohabitation experience of impermanence.


Problems associated with aging include physical changes and the emotional and psychological demands accompanying changes in home, health, financial, and relationship status. concluded that premarital counseling programs were generally found to be atheoretical in their approach to inter


The Relationship Between Sexism, Feminism, and Attitudes Toward...
A relationship is further sought between feminism and the lack of gender-differentiated attitudes toward premarital sex. Hypotheses 4: We hypothesized that the relationship between sexism and endorsement of a sexual double standard would show a higher correlation for male participants than...


Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent...
Prior research on premarital relationships and the risk of divorce. Most stud-ies of the relationship between premarital cohab-itation and divorce have used a simple variable indicating whether the respondent (usually the wife) cohabited before marriage.


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Jews seeking meaningful relationships must oppose premarital sex because it “undermines the uniqueness of marriage and threatens the long-term The key dangers of unmarried sex are its objectification of human beings, its unsuccessful and cheap imitation of the marital bond, and its...


Chapter 6: some contemporary arguments
Sexual relations outside marriage (this applies to both. premarital and extramarital relationships) are always morally bad. Without the institution of 16 PREMARITAL SEX AND LOVE to this teaching. Some authors say that human sexual relations signifyor symbolize, naturally and/or by God's design...


Young Adult Romantic Relationships
Young Adult Romantic Relationships: The Role of Parents’ Marital Problems and Relationship Efficacy. Ming Cui Frank D. Fincham B. Kay Pasley Florida State University. However, Amato and DeBoer focused on marital instability and divorce, not premarital relationship interaction and quality.


Causes and Motives of Early Marriage
In Tanzania, premarital sexual relations were always understood to be transac-tional, meaning that girls engage in them in the hope In a context of widespread premarital sexual activity, early marriage is consid-ered a morally and economically desirable strategy to pre-empt possible preg-nancies.