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Timing Is Everything: Pre-Engagement Cohabitation and Increased
relationship quality, and interper-sonal commitment; and (c) although all of the couples eventually married, the data were longitudinal and included both premarriage and We also tested whether the predic-tions held up when controlling for selection factors and duration of premarital cohabitation.


...about these dangers and pleasures of making relationships while the children are still young. Qualitative research is concerned with trying to achieve a clear understanding of the problem under premature and premarital relationships. Previous research shows that teenagers who are exposed...


Possible causes of premarital
This study investigated possible causes of premarital sex among youths as perceived by lecturers of University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Both Christianity and Islam (the major religions in Nigeria) vehemently oppose premarital sex and thus prescribed specific punishment for culprits.


Premarital Romantic Partnerships
Premarital Romantic Partnerships: Attitudes and Sexual Experiences of Youth in Delhi,India. Gender disparities in premarital romantic partnership formation and the experience of sexual rela-tions make a strong case for sexuality education programs tailored to the different experiences and circumstances...


Adolescents’ Attitude Towards Premarital Sex
2.2 Dangers of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. According to Omoegun (1995), if there is one important are where the adolescents’ reactions to their problems can be terribly marked, it is on the dangers and consequences inherent in premarital sexual activities.


Psychological Predictors of Premarital Sexual
relationship among young people and psychological factors of self-efficacy, self-esteem and attitude towards premarital sex are considered worth studying among the sexual relationship among in-school adolescents in Ibadan North LGA 2. Self-efficacy will not significantly predict premarital sexual...


Cultural Diversity of Marriage Sustainability in Nigeria
In doing so, it analyses problems and prospects of the institution and also provides insights into several marital practices observed across cultures. Marriage in Africa is seen as sacred, because it solidifies relationships that enrich communities and nations by bringing forth new life and new hope.


Premarital preparation activities and the level of complaint
The relationship between premarital preparation activities and strong complaints is presented. The focus of the premarital education programs and marriage enrichment programs is to lower the divorce rate, decrease marital distress, and increase marital satisfaction (Doherty & Anderson).


Pre-Marital Counseling Questionnaire
Describe your relationship to them.


Running head | Evaluation of Premarital Education
Key words: Premarital education, Premarital counseling, Outcome research, Premarital relationships. Evaluation of Premarital Education. 4. product of contemporary social and family norms, or as a serious problem (Doherty & Carroll, in press)