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CONTENTS | Active Learning and Teaching Methods
Their involvement makes the materials real. Active Learning and Teaching Methods. Our society today needs young people who are exible, creative, and proactive – young people who can solve...


Teacher Progress Monitoring of Instructional
The Proactive Methods Composite scale (14 items; maximum score of 91) consists of Prevention Management (8 A teacher summarizes or highlights key concepts or facts taught during the lesson.


Effective teaching methods
Effective teaching methods—Project-based learning in physics. students in realistic, contextualized problem-solving environments. Projects can serve to build bridges between phenomena in the...


The role of teachers’ classroom discipline in their teaching
Research shows that teachers’ personalities, commitments, competence, teaching methods and (1) Are teachers’ discipline strategies related to their teaching effectiveness and their students’...


Language Teaching Methods
Language Teaching Methods 4. Language Teaching Methods 5.


When complaining, L2 learners who lack pragmatic competence in
Next, activities for teaching the pragmatics of complaining are suggested. It is hoped that by highlighting specific Table 2. Pragmatically inappropriate complaint to a teacher by an L2 student.


Interactive teaching methods in
Interactive teaching methods in contemporary higher education. Keywords: Teaching Method; Interactive Method; Professional Competence.


Enhancing Student Learning through Proactive
This paper presents a proactive anonymous feedback based adaptive teaching for enhancing We then plotted the average grades for different evaluation methods for the given course for spring 2014...


Active learning strategies in classroom teaching
Instructional methods should promote active learning and teach students how to analyze and evaluate the pertinence of information and how to apply the information in various settings and situations...


Teaching methods and approaches in
The theoretical base of the teaching methods and teaching process in general is preceded by the Hence, teachers of primary schools in Kosovo showed to be very proactive and productive as far as...