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Good practice principles on supervisory colleges
· management of communication channels between supervisors; Good practice principles on supervisory colleges. Host supervisors should inform the home supervisor of any specific confidentiality arrangements that will impact the use of the communication channels, so that these can...


Management/supervisory development
MSD 101. Principles of Management and Supervision. 3 Credits. Examines concepts and practical application of fundamental supervisory skills such as planning, staffing, communicating, leading, using technology, training, managing conflict, and problem solving, in addition to "quality improvement...


Effective supervisory management program
Effective supervisory management program. Additional resources. Work Philosophy Opinionnaire. It is our assumption that these beliefs and principles give direction to effective management behavior. Beliefs: 1 • Valid and relevant information enables.


PRINCIPLES | Baste Committee on Banking Supervision Basle
Principles for the management of. Interest rate risk. Baste Committee on Banking Supervision Basle. Board and senior management oversight of interest rate risk A. Board of directors B. Senior management C. Lines of responsibility and authority for managing interest rate risk.


Supervisory guidance on
Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management. Contents. Supervisory guidance on model risk management. Contents. I. Introduction, page. A guiding principle for managing model risk is "effective challenge" of models, that is, critical analysis by objective, informed parties...


Principles of the Interagency Guidance and Supervisory Expectations
Much supervisory work is already focused on risk management and control sys-tems. Risk-taking incentives are a complementary focus for supervisors. In late 2009, in conjunction with its initial proposal of principles-based guidance on incentive compensa-tion, the Federal Reserve launched a...


Supervisory guidance on
Supervisory guidance on model risk management. Contents. 1 Unless otherwise indicated, banks refers to national banks and all other institutions for which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is the primary supervisor, and to bank holding companies, state member banks, and...


General Principles of Credit Risk Management
Supervisory Policy Manual. CR-G-1. General Principles of Credit Risk Management. V.1 -19.01.01. This module should be read in conjunction with the Introduction and with the Glossary, which contains an explanation of abbreviations and other terms used in this Manual.


Supervisory Policy Manual | 2.1 Objectives and principles
supervisory authorities when evaluating operational risk management policies and practices. The corporate policy should be supported by a set of principles that apply to specific components of operational risk, such as new customer approval, new product approval, new information technology...


1.4 Applicable risk management principles
Supervisory objective and approach 1.4. Applicable risk management principles. assess AIs’ risk management practices. In particular, the HKMA will undertake onsite examinations or perform various off-site supervisory reviews and activities to assess how AIs manage the risks of e-banking.