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Supervisory guidance on
Supervisory guidance on model risk management. Contents. 1 Unless otherwise indicated, banks refers to national banks and all other institutions for which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is the primary supervisor, and to bank holding companies, state member banks, and...


Liquidity Risk: Management and Supervisory Challenges
Several changes in risk management practices have also made collateral more sensitive to liquidity risk. For example, margin calls are now made on a Supervisory regimes recognise that the interests of individual banks are closely aligned with the interests of their shareholders and thus may fail to take...


Good practice principles on supervisory colleges
· management of communication channels between supervisors; Good practice principles on supervisory colleges. Host supervisors should inform the home supervisor of any specific confidentiality arrangements that will impact the use of the communication channels, so that these can...


Basel Committee
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. Peer review of supervisory authorities’ implementation of stress testing principles. April 2012. Copies of publications are available from: Bank for International Settlements Communications CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland.


SSM Supervisory Manual
The supervisory practices of the SSM will follow the principle of proportionality, tailoring the intensity of supervision to the systemic importance The ECB’s information management policy promotes and supports the systematic, effective and efficient creation, use, management and retrieval of information.


SSM supervisory statement
Following the same supervisory approach, the SSM performed deep and granular assessments of banks’ management bodies in charge of supervisory As good practice, some institutions appoint board members with a specific expertise or national backgrounds on the basis of the future business...


Of supervisory practices
Identification of divergent supervisory practices and supervisory outcomes leads into the development of regulatory products, for which the 17. College monitoring: Monitoring of colleges of supervisors for the most significant cross-border European banking groups is an ongoing activity...


The study examined the supervisory practices of headteachers and how these supervisory practices relate with teacher motivation in public basic One of the important aspects of educational management is instructional supervision which may be defined as the process of bringing about...


supervisory practice of checking of teachers’ lesson notes and...
Instructional supervisory practice of classroom observation teachers’ role effectiveness in lesson presentation teachers’ role effectiveness in use of The IISTE is a pioneer in the Open-Access hosting service and academic event management. The aim of the firm is Accelerating Global Knowledge...


1. Supervisory practices in 2008
• More effective supervisory interactions. Greater supervisory interaction with boards has been achieved. A best practice has emerged that supervisors be made aware of board and senior management appointments in advance and have an opportunity to raise any concerns.