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SSM supervisory statement on governance and risk appetite, June 2016
4 Supervisory expectations regarding the risk appetite framework. Indeed, an institution’s internal governance and risk management have a significant impact on its overall risk profile and This drives the focus on sound governance and risk management practices within a clearly articulated RAF.


Of supervisory practices
Identification of divergent supervisory practices and supervisory outcomes leads into the development of regulatory products, for which the 17. College monitoring: Monitoring of colleges of supervisors for the most significant cross-border European banking groups is an ongoing activity...


General Schedule Supervisory Guide
It also contains criteria for evaluating managerial responsibilities that may accompany supervisory responsibilities in this range of grades. However, the guide is not appropriate for evaluating managerial positions that do not include the accomplishment of work through the supervision of others or that do...


Federal Wage System Job Grading Standard for Supervisors
Supervisors are accountable to agency management for the quantity and quality of the work done Supervisory jobs covered by this standard are identified by the job title of the occupation selected C Assure safety and housekeeping practices are observed; and. C Maintain work reports and records...


Federal Supervisory and Managerial Training Fact Sheet
Federal Supervisory and Managerial Frameworks and Guidance. The Federal Supervisory and Managerial Framework and Guidance will be located on OPM's Manager's Corner, a cost-free web portal containing leadership development resources and courses, accessed through HR University...


Thematic Review on Supervisory Approaches to SIBs
Supervisory authorities are tailoring their supervisory practices to the size, business model and systemic importance of institutions. Many of the FSB recommendations were specifically aimed at enhancing the nature of the relationship between supervisors and the G-SIBs they supervise.


Research Supervision Toolkit | F. Managing progress
This resource book provides supervisors with knowledge and tools to improve supervision practices. It can be used to: • equip individual supervisors, who wish to An investigation into PhD supervisory management styles: Development of a dynamic conceptual model and its managerial implications.


Supervising Child Protective Services Caseworkers
Best practices and critical issues in supervisory practice are underscored throughout. While the manual is designed primarily for CPS supervisors and administrators and reflects state-of-the-art management research and practices tailored to CPS, it also is relevant to all child welfare...


Prudential Practice Guide
14. Prudent practice is for regulated institutions to ensure that capital management is forward-looking, having regard to changes in strategy (b) Pillar 2 – the supervisory review process, which includes supervision of the risk management and capital management practices of regulated entities and...


OCC 2011-12: Sound Practices for Model Risk Management...
Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management. April 4, 2011. 1 Unless otherwise indicated, banks refers to national banks and all other institutions for which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is the primary supervisor, and to bank holding companies, state member banks, and all...