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Education Policy
• ‘Policy and Education’ focuses on the development of policy at the level of both the nation-state and the individual institution. • ‘Themes in Educational Policy’ explores the forces that shape policy with a particular emphasis on the themes of human capital theory...


Education Policy Reforms
While education policy reforms have long-term effects on poverty and income distribution, this chapter mainly discusses the distributional consequences of reforms in the short and medium run. Much of the doc-umented impact of education reforms concerns the immediate distribu-tional effects of the...


Federal republic of niger] | TERTIARY EDUCATION
i. National policy on education. made in the context of adult and non-formal education. to enable such .early leavers to continue with their. feedback to the State and Federal Ministries of Education in respect of curriculum and materials development, techniques of teaching and evaluation...


POLICY NOTE | 2. Transform Education Policy into Action
The ICT in education policy should consider other aspects, such as the curriculum assessment, professional development of teachers, research and development, ICT resources and fund generation. (iv) In the face of intense competition, countries can no longer rely on the accumulation of capital and...


Educational policies and problems of implementation
Policy implementation in education is a conspicuous national problem that has taken centre stage in Nigeria. This paper examines. Educational policies and problems of implementation in Nigeria 245. the problem in some detail and explores its implications for the development of Nigeria.


An Analysis of Educational Policies for School-aged Syrian Refugees in
In this study, we identified the policy priorities for refugees by first examining the theoretical approaches to refugee education and the common problems observed for refugee education in different countries.


Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices
· The LAUSD Policy provides that “participation in competitive athletics, intramural sports, athletic teams, competitions, and contact sports shall be facilitated in a. Some school policies provide that students must be treated consistent with their gender identity in making such assignments.


Education and training policy
Education enables individuals and society to make all-rounded participation in the development process by acquiring knowledge, ability, skills and The policy encompasses overall and specific objectives, implementation strategies, including formal and non-formal education, from kindergarten...


European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture...
The policy challenge is to acknowledge that those differences exist; to ensure that those differences are turned to opportunities and that they do not This indicator is a reminder that the relationship between school and society is a vital ingredient in policy-making. Policy-makers need to know the...


Policy-Making in
Policy-Making under Economic and Monetary Union 167. monetary policy and financial supervision to the European Central Bank (ECB). Member states have also agreed to coordinate their budgetary policies and structural reforms, to provide financial assistance to member states facing fiscal crises...