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Fundarnentals of educational planning—51 | Policy making
Obviously, educational policy making and educational planning have always been linked. The Haddad/Demsky volume, The policy-planning process in education: an applied framework, is a superb introduction to the policy-making process for both experienced and new planners (as well as...


Policy | Mobile learning for quality education and social inclusion
IITE Policy Brief. December 2010. Key advantages of using mobile and wireless technologies in education. Opportunities for girls and women are highlighted. Suggestions and recommendations are made regarding strategies for the introduction and sustainability of mobile learning.


Icts in education for people
ADVISORY EXPERT TEAM Hansen, Ole (Ministry of Education, Denmark ) Jeppeson, Karl (Iceland University of Education, Iceland) Naidu, Som (University of Melbourne, Australia) Pillay, Achuthan (University of Melbourne, Australia ) Tamargo, Javier (Teacher Training Centre of Gijon, Spain).


Education Policy
• ‘Policy and Education’ focuses on the development of policy at the level of both the nation-state and the individual institution. • ‘Themes in Educational Policy’ explores the forces that shape policy with a particular emphasis on the themes of human capital theory...


Why do Policy-makers Adopt Global Education Policies? Toward a
Introduction Globalization is profoundly altering the education policy landscape. It introduces new problems in education agendas, compresses time and space in policy processes, and revitalizes the role of a range of supra-national players in educational reform. This deterritorialization of the...


Education | what can I do with my ED policy degree
Education Policy Positions III. Beginning the Job Search Process IV. • What are your areas of interest in education policy? For example, are you interested primarily in policy research o Make sure you understand what the job announcement is driving at; o Talk to people who might know about...


Education Policy and the Politics of Education
Education policy is seen as dynamic, changeable and global in its concerns, form and presentation. The course thus starts by studying policy at the the effects and impact of globalization, the OECD and EU · an understanding of how to do policy analysis in education · a knowledge of contemporary...


Learning | 4.What do labour markets want of higher education?
The Learning and Employability series is primarily intended for staff in higher education institutions who are considering the enhancement of student employability. The publications will also be of interest to colleagues new to the area as well as those who are already engaged in developing employability and...


Reforms and Educational Policies in Schools: The Kenyan
2.2 Politics Education policy making and implementation is a political process especially in Kenya (Elimu Yetu Coalition, 2003). 2.irc.nl/sshe/rational/index.hrml Kogan (1975) in Ball S. J. (1990) Politics and Policy Making in Education: Explorations in Policy Sociology.


Education Policy Reforms
While education policy reforms have long-term effects on poverty and income distribution, this chapter mainly discusses the Education Policy Reforms. The relative prices of goods and services will change. In Uganda’s case, success in reorienting public expenditures was made easier by stable...