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Word Formation Sentences - PDF Vocabulary Worksheet - B1 - WF003
(PLEASE) 2. She had a very disturbing childhood. Nobody really cared about her. (CHILD) 3. The city is really attractive during the springtime.


Reported Speech - PDF Grammar Worksheet - B1 - RS005
3. Uncle David said, “Please take off your shoes when you come in.” 13. The manager said to Cathy, “Please stand up!”


Official FAQ / Known Issues List
Please return to recently revealed Event cards and re-read them. Event cards often ask you to put some additional Random Events and Special Events on top of the deck – overlooking this might result...


English Proficiency Test
Please be prepared to give your presentation on the monthly sales figures at our upcoming staff meeting. In addition to the accurate accounting of expenditures for the. KaySungPark.WordPress.Com.


English File third edition
Please visit our website for more information. 6 Please note that restoration work is being carried out on the Coronation Chair at the moment. 7 The work will be finished in about a year’s time.


g. “Please stay for supper, Bob”, he said.(try to “Have your tickets ready, please.” (the inspector told us).


Lesson 1 – Telephone English Phrases
• “Please hold.” • “I'll transfer you.” • “May I ask who's calling?” / “Please tell him/her that the documents are ready.” • “Please remind him/her that he/she has a dentist appointment tomorrow.”


Jane Eyre
'Please don't worry, Jane,' he said. 'Grace Poole is a strange woman. But she won't hurt anybody tonight.' Rest now, Jane. But please come and meet my guests tomorrow evening.


The secret garden
Would you please be my friend?' she whispered to the robin. She spoke in a soft, quiet voice and old Ben looked at 'Oh look, he's flown into the garden with no door! Please, Ben, how can I get into it?'


Important instructions to candidates
Please read the following instructions carefully along with advertisement of the commission before submitting your on- line application form.