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How do I check the status of my claim?
*** Please note: There is no need to call into the UC service center as a result of these statuses. The call center representative will not have any additional information to provide. UC Status: Your Initial...


Lesson 1 – Telephone English Phrases
· “Please hold.” · “I'll transfer you.” · “May I ask who's calling?” / You can make a statement starting with “Please” or a question starting with "Could you…" - usually followed by the verbs ask, tell, or...


I believe my broad-based scientific knowledge / educational...
· Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. · I hope you will consider my application favourably. / Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


Checking understanding
Please could you pass it to me? Paul: The spanner? Bob: No. Paul: Sorry, Bob. Could you repeat that more slowly, please? Bob: The hammer … in the toolbox … on the left … under the scissors.


An email to book a hotel
Please could you confirm the booking? Let me know if you need any further information. 6. you confirm the price? Please could. Task 3. Complete the sentences with words from the box.


Unit 4: Starting and finishing
Please report to Reception when you arrive, and they will direct you to my office. 1. Dear Mr Cruz, Please find enclosed an application form for the post of Teacher of History.


Letter to Janet - PDF Grammar Worksheet - B1 - T011
Please write to me when there’s something new. Love, Patricia. I hope they are more efficient than the last shopkeeper. So that’s about it. Please write to me when there’s something new.


Word Formation Sentences - PDF Vocabulary Worksheet - B1 - WF004
1. Please be careful with that painting. 1. Please be careful with that painting. It’s extremely valuable. (VALUE) 2. When you write to someone you know you can use informal language.


continuous forms. Be quiet please! Please help me. R. Crusoe. A am 2 A since 3 A survive 4 A 've been eating 5 A often 6 A 's raining 7 A speak.


New Round-Up 4 English Grammar Practice combines games and
Could you speak . (loudly) , please? B: Yes, of course. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets in the correct form.