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History of perfume
History of perfume


The art of perfumery
To the chemical philosopher, the study of perfumery opens a book as yet unread; for the practical perfumer, on his laboratory shelves, exhibits many rare essential oils, such as essential oil of the...


Le parfum
Perfumery is no longer in the hands of composers, and olfactory violence2 (a phenomenon not With the intensification of the spice trades, the sacred and precious character of perfumery was on the...


Evolution of Perfumery….. Through the ages
Origin of Perfumery. • Essentially derived from Plant and Animal sources • Started in Syria and Egypt – 5000 years ago • Continued by the Greek and Romans • First Application of fragrance in cosmetics...


Aromatic Plants : Sources, Therapeutic
Aromatic Plants : Sources, Therapeutic & Perfumery values & their economics. Family - Gerniaceae Perinneal Whole Herb Essential oil- geraniol, gernyl acetate, linalool, Perfumery, Soaps,Fine Perfumes.


Essentail oils, perfumery
¾ Fundamentals of Perfumery & Olfaction. Methodology. ¾ Familiarization with Fragrant Raw. Perfumery and Aromatherapy. ¾ Scientific Basis of Aromatherapy. ¾ Techniques of Blending for...


Présentation PowerPoint | 1. History of Perfumery
1. History of Perfumery. Historic perfumes from Antiquity to the Present. • Dive into the history of perfumery and discover key masterpieces • Analyze each perfume’s structure and key notes, while...


Lawsuits on Perfumery and Cosmetics: Mainly Products Liability
Abstract Lawsuits related to perfumery and cosmetics are increasing recently in Japan. Some judgement cas-es on perfumery and cosmetics PL suits and mal-usage cases in beauty salons are...


2019 Progress Report - LOréal
Additionally, 94% of the paper and cardboard used in POS materials is certified. L’Oréal also uses other wood-based ingredients in its products, such as cellulose derivatives and certain perfumery...


Product Description
Currently, she is the Director – Creations of Ultra International. Limited, one of the major Manufacturers of Fragrance & Flavour. She has a Diploma in Perfumery from Perfumery Education Center