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Innovation in mediation
Innovation in mediation support: The International Contact Group in Mindanao. The International Contact Group (ICG) for the Mindanao peace process was established in 2009 by the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).


Peace Building in Mindanao
First, all donors consider the peace process. In this paper, peace building is used as broader meaning which includes conflict prevention. About peace building from a perspective of development assistance, see OECD DAC (2005). Although Australia is also a key player in Mindanao, it has not been included...


Support to the Mindanao peace process by Cotabato-based...
Japan’s Assistance for Mindanao’s Peace and Development. ●FS: Preparatory survey for road network development project in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao2017 ●Grant: Project for improvement of equipment for power distribution in Bangsamoro2017.


Cambodia: Japan’s First Comprehensive Peacebuilding Support Project
(1) Peace process assistance Upon conclusion of the ceasefire agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE in February 2002, Japan appointed former UN Under-Secretary-General Yasushi Akashi as Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, has for many years experienced serious...


THE CONTESTED | 3. Transforming Conflict in Mindanao
3.1 Restoring confidence in the peace process 3.2 Transforming institutions 3.3 Promoting inclusive growth. 4. Current Aid Strategy and Practices. : Bangsamoro Development Agency. BEAM-ARMM : Basic Education Assistance in Mindanao -. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.


peace process in order to inform peace panels and other stakeholders. In 2009, both sides had suffi-cient confidence in the For decades, elections in Mindanao have been particularly fraught with problems of violence and fraud. In recent elections, beginning in 2007 with synchronized national and...


While the transition in Mindanao from con-flict to peace has accelerated since the signing of the FAB in October 2012, the roadmap to a lasting peace is anything but Despite the presence of government agencies and established processes for coordinating aid programs, overall aid delivery continues to be.


For M igration s coping M ission
34. Despite the obvious complexity of land conflict in Mindanao and the dual challenges of an opaque and weak institutional structure and legal framework and multiple vested interests committed to the status quo, policy and institutional reform to ad... D. 2. Short Term Programming Recommendations.


Displacement Tracking Matrix in Post Crisis Mindanao
IOM presents the DTM and its use in the support for the Peace-Process in Bangsamoro to Counterparts in Manila. Last Friday 6th February, IOM held an event to present the “Central Mindanao-Bangsamoro Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) at the IOM Office in Manila.


The philippines: breakthrough in mindanao
2 For earlier stages of the peace process and related issues, see Crisis Group Asia Reports N°225, The Philippines: Local Poli-tics in the Sulu Archipelago and Counter-terrorism in Mindanao, 14 May 2008; N°110, Philippines Terrorism: The Role of Militant Islamic Converts, 19 December 2005; and N°...