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OSINT tools for security
Open Source Intelligence with python tools. José Manuel Ortega @jmortegac. ▪ OSINT introduction ▪ Server information(Censys,Shodan) ▪ OSINT tools developed with python ▪ Geolocation,Metadata ▪...


OSINT is Open Source INTelligence. Information in the public domain or accessible from public sources. • Media such as audio, video and pictures • Text from documents, articles and blogs • Maps...


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Issues for Congress. Alfred Cumming Specialist in Intelligence and National Security. Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division.


Headquarters, Department of the Army
Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals. Pioneer and reformative directives led to the passing of legislation that affected the U.S. intelligence community and its application of publicly...


NASIC OSINT Topic Report
NASIC OSINT Topic Report. 23 March 2010 NASIC-OS-0037-2010. Feedback or comments regarding this report may be sent to NASIC’s OSINT Analysis and Production Flight (NASIC/DAK).


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Threat Management Model
Threat analysts use Raytheon’s Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) capabilities and techniques to perform critical research across the Internet for advanced threat indicators.


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Fields and Sectors where OSINT is mostly required. Government, Finance, Telecom, Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security Advisory Firms, Cyber Threat Intelligence...


An introduction to | Open
• Standard software – anti virus, firewall, IDS / IPS/. Operating System, browser etc. • Specialist software – OSINT / intelligence /. evidential software & capture tools.


Threat Intelligence
threat intelligence, OSINT, machine learning and sentiment analysis • Powerpoint Ninja. Why This Talk? • I’ve seen many organizations spend tremendous amounts of money on TI infrastructure.


mValidated Open Source Intelligence (OSINT-V) - information with a high degree of certainty, being either elaborated by a professional analyst or originating in reliable open sources.