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The Open Method Of Coordination
The European Parliament has also addressed the topic, criticising the method and advising how to improve it, but also being open to using it in some policy areas on condition that it is improved.


Study on Open | Digital Opportunities for Improved Learning Outcomes
Assessment methods to determine access to research funding are usually not well designed to What does Open Science actually encompass? How does it differ from traditional scientific modes and...


Open | Part I: Lifelong Learning
Open learning practices are commonplace. Intelligent, networked systems enable learners to 3 Expanding openness Boundaries (geographic, disciplinary, sectoral) are becoming difficult to identify...


Semi-supervised and ensemble learning methods
Unsupervised methods, such as Open Information Extraction [Banko et al., 2007], do not Ensemble learning typically reduces high variance by combining multiple learners, while semi-supervised...


Promoting open educational resources-based blended learning
The use of online learning methods in blended learning helps the course designers in using learning materials as their preference. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are the types of educational...


Survey on deep learning with class imbalance | Open Access
Supervised learning methods require labeled training data, and in classification prob Methods for handling class imbalance in machine learning can be grouped into three categories: data-level...


Open-world Learning and Application to Product Classification
Open-world learning has been studied in text mining and computer vision (where it is called open-world learning methods, the rejection capability of L2AC. is trained rather than realized using...


New designing of E-Learning systems with using network learning
Keywords- E-Learning; system methodology; network learning; educational feedback; fast learning; Open Learning. I. INTRODUCTION. Online learning is increasingly becoming the norm and part of...


Deep Meta-Learning: Learning to Learn in the Concept Space
In these methods, the meta-learner performs few-shot learning in the instance space and multi-task learning methods may fail in dealing with. too many parameters induced by the large number of tasks.


E-learning methodologies - A guide for designing and developing...
E-learning methods and delivery formats. to develop an engaging and motivating learning experience. >> interactivity: Frequent learner interaction is needed to sustain attention and promote...