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New Round-Up 4 English Grammar Practice combines games...
Complete the sentences in order to make the statements true. Use don't / doesn't where necessary. Compare with your partner. Turn the following sentences into the present simple passive. The music producer chooses the song for the music video.


Pop star Gwen Stephanie 8) .• start off on stage. He wasted his time playing video games. ask, suggest, beg, order, tell, etc.) followed by a to infinitive, a not to infinitive or an -ing form according to the construction of the introductory verb. (see page 116).


I Elementary Teacher's Book
to say the days of the week in order, then twelve to say the months in order. 5 1 noses 2 watches 3 boxes 4 videos 5 tomatoes 6 stories 7 leaves. Explain that they are going to listen to an interview with a teenage snowboarding star.


Complete First Student's Book with Answers 2nd Ed.
Secrets of the mind. Spend, spend, spend? Vocabulary and grammar reviews Units 9 and 10. You are going to hear a games developer talking about his life and work. Before you listen, complete the advantages and disadvantages of video or computer games by writing a word from the box in the gaps.


Презентация PowerPoint
Презентация PowerPoint


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Put the words in order to make questions: Ellie: Sunday time What do get you up on? It’s not going to rain. 12. This is a secret. 1. Jane gave up smoking because she wanted to save money. (in order to) ………Jane gave up smoking in order to save money. …………..


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd | Ordering number : ENN6913A
Ordering number : ENN6913A.


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MP1482 – 2A, 18V synchronous rectified, step-down converter. Ordering information. Part Number MP1482DS*.


In order to avoid electrical noise it is highly recommended to use two separate 24V power supplies. Note also that the stepper motors/servo motors should be powered from a separate higher capacity power In order for this the tool sensor must be a conductive cube isolated from the machines table.


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd | Ordering number : ENN6912B
Ordering number : ENN6912B.