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Tracing-boards and trestle-boards ...1 Premier lodge of masonic research 2 Ars Quatuor Often confused, the trestle-board and the tracing-board are actually alike only in the similarity of their names.


Masonic Tracing Boards and the Western Metaphysical Tradition
Masonic Tracing Boards are training devices. They depict Masonic symbols in pictures which can be interpreted to reveal the teachings of Masonry. The Boards which we considered at the Forum were...


tions given in the established lectures on Masonic trac-ing boards I set myself to investigate their accuracy, with what result I shall presently show. I do not claim any originality for what I have written...


The E.A.’s Handbook
The Masonic Handbook Series. Studies in the meaning of our Ritual. The tracing‐board designs did not appear in the print edition, they are lifted from another work as they are referenced in Ward’s text.


Esoteric Symbolism
individual Mason---thus, as “the trowel spreads the cement of brotherly love and affection, which This motif was quite common on French and European Masonic tracing boards of the eighteenth century.


Masonic Tracing-Boards.
Tracing-boards, Tracing-cloths, and synonymous terms. References thereto in the Lectures. Dr. Oliver, however, who is a well-known Masonic Author, would appear to place some credence on the...


An Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing
Now, a true Tracing Board, as far as Masonry is concerned, is just what its name implies, i.e., a It was, therefore, a symbolical act inculcating in the mind of the new member the Masonic virtue of...


An explanation of the
Now, a true Tracing Board, as far as Masonry is concerned, is just what its name implies, i.e., a plain board As Masonic symbolism began to develop it is found later on with various lines drawn upon it...


Preface | masonic tracing board
Tracing Boards are teaching devices used in Masonic ceremonies. They date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Tracing Boards are present in every lodge and are afforded great respect, despite...


Masonic symbols | First degree tracing board
Masonic banner. Tracing boards. space. . First degree tracing board. 'The usage and customs among Freemasons have ever borne a near affinity to those of the Ancient Egyptians.