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Developing new marketing strategy theory
Consequently, new theory in marketing strategy needs to ad-dress the inherent cost-return tradeoffs involved in marketing strategy that is required to address the societal and commercial needs of...


The Research on the Marketing Strategies Theory and Empirical
This paper is using marketing strategy theory, proposing the commercial value (value-added / loss) -the new mode of thinking, attention to the value-oriented of dynamic profit and losses...


The Contingency Approach | to Theory Building and Research
Contingency Approaches in Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing The management sub-discipline of strategic management, a field closely related to marketing strategy, employs the...


Marketing Strategic Change
Thus successful marketing strategies can be applied in Shanghai. In this case, in the following This thesis will apply several relative strategic theories and framework to analyze the em-pirical study.


Social Media Marketing Strategy: Theory and Research Propositions
Social media marketing strategy will likely assume even greater importance given the rise of mobile platforms and applications. Not only are mobile applications by social media giants like Facebook the...


Marketing Strategy
Cooperative Game Theory and Marketing Strategy Expected value creation is largest when the following are chosen. optimally • Product design • Allocation of manufacturing tasks • Seller efforts at...


Course Introduction | II. Developing Marketing Strategy
Marketing Survey due by 7:00 pm HW Assignment 1. II. Developing Marketing Strategy. n Harrah’s – privacy issues and marketing to vulnerable audiences. n Bridging Theory and Practice.


The foundational premises of marketing strategy and R-A theory
Marketing strategy . Resource-advantage theory . Foundational premises . that he proposes are foundational to marketing strategy? This article argues that R-A theory’s structure and nine...


Developing successful theories in | Market Position
Successful theories . Macromarketing . Marketing strategy. Theory development . In this litera-ture, many strategy theorists were suggesting that strategy had been misguided by adopting “industry”...


Market Segmentation Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Public...
Why is grounding market segmentation strategy important? First, positive theories capable of grounding marketing theories increase our understanding of marketing through the explanation and...