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MarktngEthics.qxd | Ethical Leadership in Marketing
Why Marketing Ethics Is Important. There are many reasons to understand and develop the most effective approaches to manage marketing ethics. All organizations face significant threats from...


Marketing ethics: is there
Ethics and marketing practices While not claiming to provide the complete list, it is nevertheless interesting to point out some of the main ethical problems which have been studied in marketing.


Ethics and Marketing Management
Almost all studies of ethics in marketing management have either delineated the responsibilities and obligations of managers or explored whether various groups perceive certain marketing management...


A General Theory of Marketing Ethics Shelby D. Hunt and Scot
Research on ethical problems in marketing. ethical decision-making. area: the responsibilities of marketing research- ndividual ethics, organization ethics, and pro


The General Theory of Marketing Ethics: A Revision and Three Questions. Shelby D. Hunt and The general theory of marketing ethics, first published in the Journal of Macromarketing by Hunt and...


Ethics of Marketing
Positive marketing ethics looks at marketing practices from the standpoint of "what is." For example, specifying the percentage of organizations that have codes of ethical marketing practice or tracking...


TEACHING | Goals of Marketing Ethics Education
Teaching marketing ethics in the 21^^ century. Terry W. Loe and Linda Ferrell. Marketing educators arguably play a critical role in shaping the next generation of marketers'...


JMD491498.indd | The Stakeholder-Focused Marketing Ethics Course
Keywords marketing ethics, marketing ethics course, marketing education, business ethics. As a subset of business ethics (Murphy, 2002), marketing eth-ics focuses on ethical situations of...


Theoretical development in ethical marketing decision making
The historical foundations of marketing ethics. Marketing ethics was implied in deci-sions that benefited or protected key stakeholders, including consumers and marketing channel members.


Marketing Ethics at the Millennium
Introduction Marketing ethics came of age in the 1990s. Substantial attention was devoted to the topic in the academic and business press during the last decade. It was no longer uncommon to see journal...