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Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Raindrop Removal
The prob-lem gets worse when the raindrops are relatively large and distributed densely across the input image. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 discusses the related work in the elds of raindrop detec-tion and removal, and in the elds of the CNN-based image inpainting.


Image Despeckling Using a Convolutional
SAR Image Despeckling Using a Convolutional Neural Network. Puyang Wang, Student Member, IEEE, He Zhang, Student Member, IEEE and Vishal M We propose a deep learning-based approach called, Image Despeckling Convolutional Neural Network (ID-CNN), for automatically removing speckle from...


Thumbnail image removal
I'm sure it's something I've done wrong but there is a thumbnail image that appears in the top left of the main slider image.


The removal of Ambassador Yovanovitch left a vacuum in the leadership of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine at an important time. A new president had just been elected on an anti-corruption platform, and the country was in a period of transition as it continued to defend itself against Russia-led military...


How to remove Adware and pop-up ads (Removal Guide)
Junkware Removal Tool is a powerful utility, which will remove Pop-up Ads redirect from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. 3. Junkware Removal Tool will now start, and at the Command Prompt, you’ll need to press any key to perform a scan for the Pop-up Ads hijacker.


Local Activity-tuned Image Filtering for
A noise removal lter is built by an image activity detector based on the density of connected components [24]. Latter, a set of textures and than PLAT-AD. The diffusion of FLAT-AD leads to blur of. depth image’s discontinuities, so it has the worst. performance on boundary regions as compared...


Samsung eMMC
Samsung eMMC contributes to successful mobile device development. The intelligent interface is designed for ease of use, and enhanced storage solutions improve device designs. Samsung eMMC also helps developers go straight from concept to testing, reducing time to market.


Whole Page Optimization: How Page Elements Interact with the
empirically observe for image removal, then the Moreover, removing images on queries which lack this large skew signicantly hurts revenue and is worse than even placing the image in the top slot. We can see now how the results inform the debate on competition in the search en-gine market.


3.2.2 Noisy Image Removal
Noisy image removal The candidate images contains lots noisy images with average accuracy around 10% [6]. Human eorts are involved to remove noisy images by checking can-didate images one by one. As this step is quite time consum-ing and labor intensive, NUS-WIDE only partially labelled the...


Personal Photo Enhancement using Example | Observed image
Personal Image Enhancement Pipeline. Intrinsic Images [Land and McCann 1971,Barrow and Tenenbaum 1978]. § It’s easier for users to rate their good photos. § Use examples of a persons good photos to fix the bad ones automatically.