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Collections of recent mammals in north america
The historical development of North American collections of mamn~alsis summarized in Table 2 This means that North American collections of mammals were growing at a rate of 3% percent per...


Table 1. Species of wetland mammals in North America.
Wetlands throughout North America are used by a wide variety of mammals. However, some species are more closely associated with wetland habitats than others. This leaflet focuses on species...


Field guide to north american mammals
Northern Pygmy Mice are the smallest rodents in North America. mesquite beans, and granjeno berries (granjeno is an evergreen. Mammals of North America, © Princeton University Press (2002).


Field guide to north american mammals
North American Hog−nosed Skunk (Conepatus leuconotus). Credit: painting by Consie Powell from Kays and Wilson's Mammals of North America, © Princeton University Press (2002).


Field guide to north american mammals
Credit: painting by Wendy Smith from Kays and Wilson's Mammals of North America, © Princeton University Press (2002). Also known as: Greater Mastiff Bat, Bonnetted Bat.


North American Mammals
North American Mammals. Coloring Book. From antelope to armadillo and moose to mouse, more than 500 mammal species live in North America today.


MAMMAL | Lives in: North and Central America Living today
Lived in: North and South America Extinct. These felines had ferocious knife-like teeth for killing Lives in: Coastal ocean waters worldwide Living today. These marine mammals have cone-like teeth...


American museum novitates
North American list. I am indebted to Mr. Gerrit S. Miller, Jr., and Mr. Colin C. Sanborn for their kind to the North American list. I have not been able to compare P. septentrionalis with specimens of P...


The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals by...
The Mammals of North America by Raymond Hall. Wild Mammals of North America edited by Joseph A. Chapman and George A. Feldhamer.


The fastest land mammal in North America, the pronghorn has been clocked at speeds of up to 70 mph. Their distinctive herding instincts cause problems as they may swerve right into your car!