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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Insecticide Options for Controlling EAB. Using Insecticides to Control EAB. Insecticides that can effectively control EAB fall into four categories: (1) systemic insecticides that are applied as soil drenches or soil injections; (2) systemic insecticides applied as...


• Quick knock-down and kill • Kills listed pests on contact or by ingestion • Contains Pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide derived. from chrysanthemums • Kills a broad spectrum of listed insects including. aphids, whiteflies, leafminers and caterpillars • Kills larval, pupae and adult stages of listed...


Insecticide. For use in residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial areas. Advion Ant Gel contains the active ingredient, indoxacarb, a non-repellent insecticide. Use of Advion Ant Gel will help eliminate ants within days of applying the gel according to the use directions.


Insecticide. FOR USE IN RESIDENTIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, COMMERCIAL, AND INDUSTRIAL AREAS Use sites include single and multi-family residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial facilities (including warehouses, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels...


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Insecticides from plants
Ibotenic acid, a fly-killing diboric amino acid de-rived from several species of Amanitay was synthesized.—Gagneux et al. The green fruit has insecticidal properties, and the root is used as an insecticide in tropical Africa. The powdered, leaf is insecticidal and is used in India as a fish poison...


Carbamate insecticides, used to kill or control insects, are made from carbamic acid. There are many forms of carbamates, each different in the way they work and in their poisonous effects. Carbamates break down in the environment within weeks or months.


AZERA Insecticide contains a Group 3A insecticide. Insect biotypes with acquired resistance to Group 3A may eventually dominate the insect population if Group 3A insecticides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as the primary method of control for targeted species.


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Apply in small amounts directly into cracks and crevices, using equipment capable of delivering a pin stream of insecticide, in points between different elements of construction, between equipment and floor, openings leading to voids and hollow spaces in walls, equipment and bases.