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Generating low-poly abstractions
Generating low-poly abstractions. Crystal J. Qian ’17, David Dobkin (Advisor) Princeton University, 2016. “The stuffed animal/mascot to the left and the shelves it sits on become pleasantly abstract.


DOSCH DESIGN Dosch 3D: Lo-Poly People - Vol. 1 D3D-P-LOW
D3D-P-LOW-005. D3D.PLOW-006.


Dosch Design - Produktkatalog
Animals 48 detailed 3d-models of animals. European Houses - Lo-Poly 30 lo-poly 3D-models of houses.


© Super Simple Learning 2014. Animals Mini Cards. Get more flashcards at www.supersimplelearning.com. frog giraffe goat.


Animal transgenesis: an overview
Animal transgenesis: an overview Recent developments in the generation of transgenic animals Generation of transgenic animals in non-mammalian vertebrates and invertebrates Animal transgenesis: an overview. Miguel A. Gama Sosa • Rita De Gasperi • Gregory A. Elder.


Animal List
Animal List. Aquatic and Reptile Center. Invertebrates. Seasonal Animals. (On exhibit seansonally, when weather permits). Herb and Nada Mahler Family Aviary.


The Case of the Missing Ancient Fungal Polyploids
Poly-ploidy is well recognized throughout the evolutionary history of plants and animals, where several ancient events have been hypothe-sized to be drivers of major evolutionary radiations.


This report gives an insight
Since the very beginning, plastic materials were born as a solution for the substitution of scarce and non-sustainable resource such as tortoiseshell, ivory or animal bones.


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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control Humane Society of Charlotte Fort Worth Animal With generous support from PetSmart Charities, Inc., American Humane Association’s Animal...


Animal Diversity Part I
The huge diversity of animals requires us to divide our survey of different animals into a number of labs. Because of time limitations, we will consider only the major groups of animals, but your textbook...