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Love and relationships. Useful vocabulary and phrases: 1. acquaintance – знакомый. The two teenagers thought that their love was the greatest in the world. Other people thought that it was only...


Sure, like the love songs say, love hurts sometimes. You worry, you wonder if the person you love But knowing that love hurts doesn’t mean you should expect to get hurt — to be put down, slapped...


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6 He is loving / loves playing football. 3 Your friend loves to eat chips and junk food. Lately, she has put on some weight and doesn't seem to have any energy.


of my mother loves it. 4 Tom loves playing football while / despite Paul prefers basketball. Simon loved extreme sports. So, w hen he got his new snowboard, ( he w ent down a dangerou s mountain...


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I love that. I have and I loved every minute of it! I went on a cycling tour with a group of friends last summer and now I know for sure: the bike is my favourite means of transport.


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Love is something that everybody wants to feel. Falling in love is exciting, but there are a lot of problems, too. When a new relationship starts, many people wonder how it can influence their lives.


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They both love where they live and they enjoy many outdoor. activities. They both do things with their : S1: I love singing. I started to upload short videos where I sang lines from popular songs to...


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He loves to dress in formal clothes. 3 Megan is in her fifties and has shoulder-length grey hair. Ending: Both small children and pets are rewarded from the loving relationship they create together.


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love-loves bathe-bathes pay-pays go-goes. wash-washes judge-judges watch-watches relax-relaxes. I work for an office supply company. I have a busy schedule, but I love the work.